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5 Highly affordable Universities in USA

One of the most important decisions that a student makes in his life is the University that he or she decides to attend. In fact it is this decision that sets the tone for the entire life ahead, influencing not just the career path that one takes up, but a university also the place where one makes long lasting friendships and build professional networks With so much importance associated with the university one attends, it is not surprising that many students are looking towards the Global Landscape when deciding on the university they attend.

USA – The preferred destination for studying abroad

The USA tops the list of all the countries that Indian students prefer for their overseas education. For many a student from India, to Study in USA is a highly aspired for the goal. The huge research funds, the quality of infrastructure, the expertise of the faculty and the Global Diversity among the students all come together to make Studying in USA the most amazing experience for a student. Many American Universities feature on the top 100 list of global universities. Almost all of the top 10 universities in the world are situated in the United States. A student who goes to Study in USA comes back with not just a world class qualification but also an enhanced perception of life, a stronger resume, a worldwide alumni network and a well-rounded personality.

The Factors influencing the choice of university for Study in USA

A lot of factors have to be considered for selecting the right university for Study in USA, including the

  • major one wants to take up,
  • the local weather in the state that the university is situated,
  • the size of the campus,
  • the diversity of the student body
  • And the cost of tuition fees and living expenses.

Of these, the total cost that one has to bear in order to Study in USA is perhaps the single most important factor that a student has to consider while selecting the right university for study in USA. We present a list of five highly affordable universities for study in USA to help you with the selection process.

Queens College of the City of New York

Situated in the neighborhood of Flushing in New York, the Queens College has more than 100 graduate programs to choose from. A student who is eager to study in USA, may well make this university his first choice as it is not only situated within New York city but also partake in a number of social and cultural activities organized by the University’s Strong Student Body.  The net cost for a student is around USD 6200

CUNY, New York City College of Technology

CUNY would be one of the choices for any student who wishes to Study in USA on a budget. The cost of Education at this University is a mere USD 6157, which when compared to other universities is very less indeed. But the low cost does in no way indicate a low quality of teaching. The STEM courses of the university are highly respected and students come from all parts of USA and the World to Study in this university. 

University of Texas

The University of Texas is one of the most preferred universities in USA, as can be seen by the strength of its student body. The USP of the university lies in its varied coursework, vibrant campus atmosphere, and a huge research budget. All of this at a cost of USD 6089

Dalton State College

Studying at Dalton State College is going to cost the student approximately 6000 USD and in return the university offers features such as free personal training, a wide range of subjects to choose from, and in campus gym and numerous student organization, making this university one of the best value colleges where one can study in USA

Fayetteville State University

Fayetteville State University keeps its students motivated through a number of scholarship opportunities. The students can select from a number of academic programs from a diverse set of subjects all at an affordable cost of 6000 USD

For making your Study in USA dreams a reality and for a more comprehensive list of affordable Universities in USA, please contact Global Tree at Begumpet, Hyderabad, and the Most Trusted Overseas Education Consultant in India. 

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