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How much cash can Indians carry while travelling UK?


Are you ready for your trip to the UK?

Before you finish your packing, Find out how much cash can you carry from India to the UK.

After all, you do need cash for an easy-breezy trip!

Foreign Exchange from India to the United Kingdom

The pound sterling (£) is the official currency of the United Kingdom. Travelers or students heading to study abroad in UK frequently wonder how much cash to bring when departing India for the UK.

When traveling abroad, Indian citizens are allowed to bring up to Rs 25,000 worth of currency notes per person.

In addition to this amount, travelers must provide details and complete the Indian Customs Declaration Form.

When traveling out of India with foreign currency, passengers must declare if the amount is worth US$5,000 or more in banknotes and coins, or US$10,000 or more in banknotes, coins, and travelers' cheques.

It is important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of carrying cash versus other monetary instruments such as cheques, debit/credit cards, prepaid currency cards, and others for convenience and security.

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Other Options for Taking Cash from India to the UK

Even though debit and credit cards are regarded as the safest and most practical forms of payment when traveling, certain cards are not recognized or widely accepted in the UK.

There have been complaints from travelers regarding the inability to use certain cards, like Diners Club, American Express, or Discover.

Additionally, small businesses require a minimum purchase before taking credit or debit cards. It is advisable for individuals departing from India to inquire ahead of time about the acceptance of major credit or debit cards throughout the United Kingdom.

Major UK points of sale accept Apple Pay cashless payments in addition to credit and debit cards. When traveling abroad, travelers' checks are very helpful, but in the UK, they are inconvenient because most hotels, shops, and restaurants do not accept them.

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Additionally, prepaid currency cards have higher ATM cash fees.

Therefore, it's a good idea to have some cash on hand when visiting the UK in local currency notes and coins in order to cover small purchases, tips, and taxi fares.

The amount shouldn't be excessively high, though, as this could lead to overspending or money loss in the event of theft or misplaced luggage.

Furthermore, it has recently been noted that large UK cities' bars and cafes are only taking card payments instead of cash. It makes no sense to travel from India to the UK with a large quantity of cash in such a situation.

Bringing Cash to the UK

Should the United Kingdom leave the European Union (EU) without an agreement, individuals traveling alone from any non-EU nation who carry cash (notes and coins), checks (including travelers' checks), and bankers' drafts totaling £10,000 or more must declare it at least 72 hours prior to their arrival in the nation.

Cash exceeding £10,000 must be declared when entering the UK as a family or group.

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How Can I Declare Cash When I Go Into the UK?

It is necessary to download and complete form C9011 when declaring any cash exceeding £10,000.

Passengers filling out the online form are asked to gather all necessary information and finish it all at once, as partially completed forms cannot be saved.

Making a copy of the completed form is crucial. When a passenger completes the form at the port or airport, a carbon copy is produced automatically.

One completed copy of the form must be placed in the drop box, and the other must be presented to customs officials.

Not Declaring Cash Upon Entering the United Kingdom

A passenger may be fined up to $5,000 for breaking customs laws, failing to declare cash exceeding £10,000, or giving false information.

Furthermore, even if a passenger has declared cash, customs officers have the right to seize it and hold it for up to 48 hours before obtaining a court order if they suspect a crime.

Carrying Cash for Emergency Needs in the UK? Insurance Could Be a Better Option

Seasoned travelers understand the dangers of carrying large amounts of cash while traveling.

Though cash can cover minor expenses, it will never be enough in the event of a medical or non-medical emergency in a foreign country.

Without insurance, a medical emergency can be a nightmare, especially in a country like the United Kingdom.

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The country's National Health Service (NHS) only provides medical coverage to residents, and travelers without an overseas travel insurance plan may struggle to pay medical bills.

As a responsible traveler, it is critical to invest in travel insurance that provides comprehensive coverage while abroad.

Care's Travel Insurance for Indians Visiting the UK is one such policy that covers any unexpected medical emergency with benefits such as hospitalization, in-patient care, dental expenses, and medical evacuation, among others.

Non-medical emergencies like trip cancellation and interruption, trip delay, and baggage or passport loss are also covered.

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FAQS for Travelling from India to UK

How much cash I can carry in flight from India to UK?

As per the Reserve Bank of India - 25,000 INR

How much gold is allowed in domestic flight?

Most airlines permit passengers to bring up to 500 grams of gold jewelry on domestic flights, provided that the jewelry is properly packed in an impact-resistant container using appropriate materials.

Can I buy Indian rupees in UK?

To purchase Indian Rupees in person, just visit your neighborhood eurochange branch and exchange your GBP for INR. Purchasing your INR straight from a branch is quick and simple thanks to the more than 200 eurochange locations throughout the UK! Use our branch finder to locate your nearby branch.

Can airport scanners detect cash?

Indeed, even tiny amounts of cash can be found hidden beneath your clothes thanks to the most recent Terahertz scanners. What's more, these devices can detect objects while they are hidden, so you might not even be aware that you are being scanned.

Can I make jewelry in my hand luggage?

Absolutely! That is what it is for (among other things). Your carry-on is a secure place to store any jewelry or valuables you're bringing on your trip.

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