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The election of Donald Trump as the President of the United States of America is quite possibly the most controversial vote-to-power of our time. During his election campaign, Make America Great Again, the president-elect made many eyebrow-raising comments regarding immigrants and policies concerning them. Proposing to build a wall at the Mexican border, immediate deportation of almost 12 million illegal immigrants who are currently residing in the country, termination of President Obama's Executive Amnesties, suspension of the issuance of visas based on the applicant's country, and stringent vetting of potential immigrants are just a few of the many points in his official immigration policy manifest. However, in a surprising turn of events, Trump has slowly started to secede from some of his harsh promises just a few days after his political win. But professionals and students, the world over, are still expressing concern about their prospects in an America that they believe is now gradually becoming racially intolerant.

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Addressing this concern, certain universities and campuses all over the country are choosing to label themselves as Sanctuary Campuses to help students feel safe. Based on the idea of sanctuary cities, where immigrants, illegal or not, are provided necessary support from the local authorities, this concept is still at the grass roots level. While most campuses have signed petitions and announced their sanctuary status, some are still debating the consequences and ramifications of going against such policies. Schools that deny physical access to or withhold student information from federal authorities might face withdrawal of much-needed federal funding. Current students who has come to Study in USA, whose status is illegal might not necessarily have immigrated out of choice, especially if they were young children. This is where the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) executive order helped by granting temporary status to such students. But with Trump's plan to repeal amnesties granting illegal aliens safe stay, a large number of students will have to leave the country and their education halted.

There are currently over a million international students in the American higher education system, who are contributing a whopping 32.8 billion dollars to its economy. Cold, hard facts such as these are not going unseen by Trump's team. While his biggest cheese was with Mexican and Chinese student immigration, he has gone on record and praised Indians quite highly. When Trump repeated Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi's campaign slogan, he might have been expressing support to Indian students and their immigration to America this campaign move is open to many interpretations. But what is clear is his affinity to Indians as opposed to other immigrant demographics. Irrespective of the fear and trepidation felt by many, the U.S. still remains the most sought after country for pursuing education or a profession. With 40% of the top 100 colleges in the world based in America, students prefer to apply and study at an American institution.

Now with the renewed support by campuses for international students, the fight has come out in the open and has gripped the world's attention. This has deepened the trust placed by many in their schools, as these campuses have looked beyond international students as just a means for higher revenue and have instead stood up for the right to education and the right to knowledge for all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Canada: The Great White North is Number 1 on this list. With easy immigration processes, a welcoming society, great education and healthcare, cool weather, and the ever-growing job market, Canada is the undisputed leader in immigration potential.

Germany: The Deutschland is famous for precision, quality, and high expectations. Unsurprisingly, it makes the list but we’re still going to spell it out. Currently, home to over 170,000 Indians, Germany is a melting pot of different cultures mostly from other countries in the EU. A veritable hub for mechanical engineering, Germany has a low level of corruption, and a love for innovation and is home to over 25 Fortune 500 companies. With the demand for highly skilled professionals, Germany is a choice destination for young, smart immigrants from all over the world.

Provincial Nominee Program is one of the best routes for Canadian immigration. Every province (state) in Canada has its criteria for immigration. This criterion is custom-fitted to reflect the needs and growth opportunities arising in that respective province.

A Master’s Degree translates directly into a better CRS score. Your educational qualifications reflect the contribution you would make to the destination country’s economy which means that you would be more sought after. Speaking one of the country's primary languages (Eg: French for Canada) also greatly raises your chances for both visa success as well job opportunities.

If you fall under the NOC list in Canada or SOL in Australia (Occupations in demand list), it means that jobs are readily available for qualified candidates. On average, individuals earn 8 times as much salary in Canada as compared to India.


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