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13 Must know Etiquette before Immigrating to Germany

Germany Etiquette Rules

A Cultural difference is a possibility when moving to a new country, especially to Germany. The famous phrase, “When in Rome, do as Romans do” is the best saying which helps not to stand out in a foreign land. Learning German customs is mandatory for people who are traveling to Germany. Read this article to learn all about the Must know Etiquette before Immigrating to Germany. 

German Etiquette: Do s

Do #1: Greet with a Shake Hand

Irrespective of the occasion, whether it is a workplace or a family get-together, an appropriate way of greeting a person can be a Shake Hand. Also, Germans love Shake hands. When joining a meeting or leaving, shake hands with everyone in the group and introduce yourselves. It is best practice at business meetings.

Do #2: Hello or Bye

Say hello to people as you walk into a place. You don't need to start a conversation after that. Just keep going on with your work after the greetings. And a Bye is fine while leaving the place. A tip for you here, Tschüss or Auf Wiedersehen means Bye in German.

Do #3: Always be on time

Germans give their top priority to punctuality. And you can eventually understand this point once you immigrate to Germany. So, if there is a meeting scheduled for 1 PM in Germany, it is truly 1 PM, not 1.15 PM or 1.30 PM.
You might be able to get away with being a little late. However, call the person with who you planned the meeting and let them know in advance if you expect it to be later than the time. It's rude to be late without a valid reason.
Both social and professional meetings are under the purview of this guideline. If you have other important meetings, like a visit to a flat when looking for a rental, it is even preferable to arrive a bit early.

Do #4: Schedule an Appointment

Unlike India, Germany has an important etiquette for scheduling appointments. Not only for business meetings, but also to meet a doctor or a hairdresser, or a therapist it is better to leave a message regarding your visit before heading to their place.

Do#5: Get your Cake

Even though it is your birthday, you cannot expect any of your friends to bring you a cake and throw a party for you. Instead, you need to arrange food, cake, and everything else for your birthday. Your friends or colleagues while working in Germany may bring you a gift but it is not compulsory.

Do#6: Bring a gift while visiting someone

A must-learn custom in Germany is bringing gifts. It is polite to bring a present while visiting a friend or family. And a gift needs not be a costly one. It can be flowers, a bottle of wine, or chocolate. If invited for lunch or dinner, it is polite to ask the host if they need anything to bring. You can get things like dessert, drinks, etc.

German Etiquette: Dont s

Dont #1: Ignore Traffic Rules

Germans are very well disciplined. Ignoring traffic rules is very frowned upon in Germany. Even if there is no vehicle movement; you should not cross the Red Light.

Dont #2: Making Loud Noise in Public

Germans are well known for their silence. They prefer a quiet environment and they may feel disturbed if you have a loud conversation over the phone or listen to loud music in a waiting hall or a hospital lobby.

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Dont #3: Open Doors without knocking

Closed doors are meant to be knocked on before opening. It doesn’t mean to enter but to ask for permission before entering.

Dont #4: Call anyone late at night

Unless they are your close friends, you shouldn't call people after late hours. If you want to work in Germany, you must be familiar with its business culture. After hours or on the weekends, you shouldn't call your coworkers. Germans desire to keep their personal and professional lives apart.

Dont #5: Joke around on Nazism or war

Even today, many Germans are sensitive about Nazism and War. So, while speaking to any German people, be careful about Nazism or war and never joke on this topic.

Dont #6: Expect everyone to speak in English

The official language of Germany is German. Even while English is widely spoken in Germany, not everyone will necessarily address you in that language. You should make an effort to speak a little German in everyday interactions. If you really can't speak German, kindly ask to converse in English.

Learning German is suggested, especially if you plan to travel there frequently. For a quicker adjustment, you might enroll in demanding German courses or use a range of applications to study the language.

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Dont#7: Wish anyone before their birthday

In Germany, it is considered unlucky to wish someone a happy birthday before their actual birthday. They might not make it to their birthday, according to this. Only say happy birthday to someone the day of or the day after their real birthday.

Whether you go to work or Study in Germany, following German etiquette is the first thing to learn, and being thoughtful about German people's habits and culture is suggested. Apart from these, Germans are known for their hospitality. You can find the Indian cultural essence easily as Indian communities are large in number in Germany. For more guidance during Germany Immigration, reach out to our experts at Global Tree.

Frequently Asked Questions

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