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5 Best Tips to Escalate your GRE Scores!


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Know the revised pattern of GRE along with tips before Preparation for the Examination for your Overseas Education!

Different sections of GRE Exam

  1. Two verbal sections (130-170 marks)
  2. Two quantitative sections (130-170 marks)
  3. One Experimental section, which can be either verbal or quantitative (Writing)

The maximum marks for GRE is 340 as per revised version. If you are opting for computer based GRE exam, then follow the information below.

Verbal section has 20 +20 questions.

Duration: 35 minutes for each section.

Quantitative Section:

It has 7 comparison questions, 13 non comparison questions. Most of the questions will be multiple choices and a few numeric entry types. Multiple answer questions require the test taker to select all that applies. Numeric type requires the test taker to enter the correct value. The method of quantitative comparison is in such a way that list of 2 quantitative is given such as A and B algebraic expressions to find the side lengths of geometric shapes. Select one in A is less than B, A is equal to B, A is greater than B & cannot be determined. While answering the quantitative sections on-screen calculator will be available.

Verbal Section:

6 – Text questions consists of at least 3 blanks, short one liners to 4 sentence paragraphs as answers and if the full score is desired, answer all the questions correctly.

4 – Sentence equivalence questions have 2 correct answers and the test taker is expected to choose both the correct answers to attain full score.

10 – Reading Comprehension Questions have 12 to 60 line passages. Science, Social Studies, and literature can be the main topics in comprehension. Multiple choice questions are general pattern in this section.

Writing Section:

This section consists of 2 essays, 30 minutes each. Each essay can be awarded 0 to 6 and the scores is calculated as average of both essay’s scores.

Most of the colleges give importance to the percentiles rather than the marks scored during the selection process. The percentiles are given separately by GRE board along with the marks scored. Below are 5 best tips to help you while you prepare for Graduate Record Examination.

  1. Difficult and easy questions are randomly mixed up. So, it is always advised that one should prepare for the test thoroughly and work out every answer, surely and confidently. Nothing can be taken for granted.
  2. Every question, whether science or literature, and whether easy or tough all are weighed with same importance with given mark. The test taker is expected to answer each question following the instructions
  3. The revised GRE consists of 2 sections for Mathematics and 2 sections for verbal unlike old GRE which has only one section for each. So there is significant adaptability between sections but there is no expected adaptability within section.
  4. Complete all the answers with same enthusiasm to work out for correct answer. There is nothing like you can relax towards the end and may miss out while expecting the best scores. The last answer is as important as the first answer.
  5. Work out with many mock tests to polish yourself really well before attempting the real exam. The desired scores in the mock tests boost you up to work hard more as well as building confidence in you to perform well in the GRE Test.

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