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Best Tips to Score 8+ on PTE Test in 2024: Section Wise Tips

The students, who aspire to go abroad for their higher studies, need to perform well in their PTE and get a good PTE score. This article is solely dedicated to fulfilling the requirements of the students who are planning to start their PTE preparation. Our PTE coaching professionals can also guide you with the best real-time tips and tricks that can help you boost your score and secure admission to your dream university.

Here in this article, we divulge the preparation methods for PTE in detail and also some tips you can follow to ease out the process. On par with other tests, PTE can also be prepared with self-study or coaching classes. Along with that, online preparation is catching on these days. So check out our PTE online training sessions, by the most experienced faculty in town.

Top tips to prepare for PTE 2024

The most common fear of the candidates who plan to take the PTE test is where to start. Also, many doubts arouse after that, like, how to prepare, when to start preparation, where to study, etc. Relax, we help you out to bring you out of this tunnel through this article.

Here are the Best Tips to Prepare for PTE 2024

  • Plan when to take the test based on the university deadlines and start your preparation ahead.
  • Understand the syllabus and question pattern beforehand.
  • Make sure to take a lot of practice tests. It helps to become familiar with the test pattern and timing as well. Thus, any surprises can be avoided on the test day.
  • Focus more on Vocabulary. PTE is solely dedicated to testing your English skills. So, all the sections in the test require sound vocab.
  • Make use of the best resources to prepare. You can either join the best coaching classes or choose the best books for PTE preparation.
  • Maintain error log while doing mock tests or sample papers. This way, you can avoid repeating mistakes.
  • Practice speaking and listening to English in daily life to get habituated to the language to the possible extent.

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Best way to Prepare for the PTE Test

The first and foremost step to take before heading to preparation for PTE is to take a mock test. With a mock test, you can understand where you are performing better and which section needs to be worked on. Multiple mock tests can give more accurate results than only one. Then plan the preparation based on the results of each section. A common method is not suitable for everyone. So create your blueprint.

PTE Writing Section Tips

PTE writing module is divided into two sections and you need to write answers according to the questions given. Check out the best tips to ace the PTE Writing section.

  • Strong vocabulary can gain your good score in the PTE writing section.
  • Always keep the sentences short.
  • Finish your answer in 35-40 words.
  • Pay attention to punctuation marks.
  • Make sure to capitalize the starting words and nouns.
  • Avoid examples if not asked for.
  • Write the summary in the third person.
  • The last paragraph must be a summary and make sure to summarize properly.

PTE Listening Section Tips

In this section, you need to listen to audio or video clips and answer accordingly. You get to listen only once. Indian students in particular feel a little difficult while answering this section as English is not their mother tongue. Follow the below tips to score more in the PTE Listening section.

  • Concentrate
  • Practice listening to English through web series, understanding English songs lyrics, following English news
  • Listen to new content daily
  • Avoid blind guesses as there is negative marking
  • Read the question before the audio begins to play
  • Stay focused until the end

PTE Speaking Section Tips

Here are some of the best tips for the PTE speaking section.

  • Maintain the tone pitch accordingly while speaking for starting, ending, punctuations, etc
  • Don’t stop in between even you realize you made a mistake
  • Practice tongue twisters daily
  • Close your eyes, listen and try to memorize the entire sentence
  • No beeps at the end, so after the clip ends start speaking
  • Focus on keywords if you forget the exact sentence

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PTE Reading Section Tips

In this section, you must be fluent in reading and understanding the given text properly. Here are some tips to ace the reading section in PTE.

  • Focus on keywords
  • Don’t leave blanks, no negative marking
  • Use elimination rule for multiple-choice questions
  • Read questions & Read the passage
  • Try to understand the sentence in your own words so that it will be easy to identify the answer
  • Focus on frequency words like always, never, many, often, etc.

Top FAQs Asked by Students about PTE Training

It is not an impossible task to score 75+ on PTE but not an easy one. It needs focus and dedication. Along with that some tips and expert strategies can be a handy aid to score more easily. Get in touch with our expert trainers for PTE for the best tips to score more in PTE.

Both PTE at home and PTE test center have the same kind of test pattern so there need not be any change in the preparation as well. If you are looking how to prepare at home, choose the best books, or best resources online. And another best way to prepare for PTE at home is by choosing our PTE online classes from our expert faculty.

Preparing for PTE in a month is not an impossible one but not easy though. It is easy if you have a good command of the English vocabulary. A strict timetable and expert guidance can make it achievable. Get in touch with our PTE faculty for personalized training.

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