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Which Country is Good for Masters, Canada or Australia?

Canada or Australia Which is Better for Students

Students who seek to study abroad often get confused when it comes to selecting their dream destination like, for example, either to study in Australia or study in Canada. But when it comes to pursuing a master’s degree, both nations have got world-class recognition in terms of quality education. Both countries have got renowned universities and colleges that are attracting thousands of students from across the globe.

To clear the confusion of students whether to study in Australia or Canada, we will find the best points about both the countries in terms of the list of best universities, benefits of studying in those countries, education programs, tuition fees, scholarships, work opportunities, and much more. So first, we shall discuss the advantages of a Master’s degree in Canada.

Why Study in Canada?

Pursuing higher education in this North American country is a big advantage for students. Canadian universities offer quality and affordable education. The graduate programs these universities offer are globally recognized and are equivalent to those from the US and other countries.

Canadian universities offer diploma, graduate, post-graduate, and Ph.D. courses. Each year around 180,000 foreign students migrate to Canada for higher education. Students choose to pursue their master’s degree for many reasons like quality education, lower tuition fees, safe and secure place to study, better healthcare facilities, excellent campus environment, and advanced research facilities.

Affordable cost of education

Canadian universities have lower tuition fees for international students as compared to other countries of the world. The average cost of studying in Canada is just CA$7000 – CA$ 8,000.

Job Opportunities 

Students pursuing a full-time diploma or degree course can work on the university campus without any work visa or worries.


Canadian universities offer scholarships to students with skillset and toppers in their competitive exams.

Lower cost of living

The cost of living is lower in Canada when compared to other countries in the world. The monthly average student expenses in Canada excluding the student fees are somewhere between CA$8,000 to CA$10,000. 

University Recognition

Canadian universities are globally recognized and offer various educational programs especially for foreign students. Around 70,000 students from more than 130 countries are given admissions in Canada universities every year.

Study Programs for students

Universities in Canada provide many programs, keeping in mind every student’s requirement. Some colleges and universities provide certificates, diploma certificates, and graduate programs. They offer 3-4 years of undergraduate, master’s degrees, and Ph.D., etc. Many universities offer combined degree programs.

Work while studying in Canada

There are many programs related to work permits for foreign students. Working in Canada could generate income while you pursue education in the country. It gives you work-experience which helps, you to get a post-study work visa in Canada. Students can work both on-campus and off-campus.

Post study job permit

Students who pursue education in Canada are granted a post-graduation work visa that allows doing a job after completing education for a maximum period of 3 years.

Safe and Secure place to live

When it comes to the safety and security of students, Canadian university campuses are multicultural, where students from many cultures and nationalities live together. The university campuses also showcase the diversity leading to an influx of more overseas students.

Why Study in Australia?

Australia is the sixth biggest nation of the world, which has got seven universities in the list of world’s leading universities. The country provides stable job prospects and the economy is a highly developed market economy. The nation has become a dream destination for a large number of foreign students in recent years. The count of foreign students landing in this nation is increasing at a rapid speed with over 300,000 students in the year 2015.

Australian cities are student friendly

Six cities of Australia have been listed in the leading student-friendly cities. The best student cities in Australia achieve particularly strong scores in the indicators for Student Mix, Desirability, and Employer Activity. Melbourne has got universities like Melbourne University and the University of Monash.

Australian Cultural Diversity

The nation is home to thousands of students from across the globe. The count of foreign students pursuing education in Australia is rising rapidly every year.

World Class Education System

Universities in Australia invest in research and development like technology, science, and medicine. The government of Australia always looks to encourage and undertake research in key areas.

Better Job Prospects

Foreign students have opportunity to work in Australia after completing their education. For example, the country offers Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485) which facilitates working after studies. Foreign students are granted one and a half years of work visa to work after completing education in key sectors that are in-demand. It also provides a post-study work visa for 2-4 years, for students who have completed Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. Students are allowed to work for 40 hours per two weeks while pursuing their education.

Standard of Living

The Australian cost of living is less. The cost of education is also less which ranges around A$14,000 – A$35,000 per year for a bachelor’s degree. Pursuing a Master’s degree would cost around A$15,000 to A$36,000.

Australian Universities Scholarships

Many scholarships are available to foreign students. The universities in Australia offer scholarships in almost every education field.

Given the vast opportunities these two countries have to offer, it’s no secret that Australia and Canada would be the leading countries for the study-abroad aspirants.

In short, Canada and Australia are both great destinations to study higher education abroad and rank regularly among the top countries for quality higher education and overall student experience. You have to decide what factors are most important to you and choose the country that wins along those lines.

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