Top Universities in Canada

List of Top 10 Universities to Study in Canada 2024

Top Universities in Canada: Canada is one of the most popular studies abroad locations for Indian students desiring to further their education overseas, with a large number of Indian students enrolling at Canada's finest institutions and colleges. Canada has rebuilt itself over the years to become the best study destination for international students pursuing higher education abroad, with state-of-the-art education institutes, inexpensive tuition costs, a low cost of living, and a country with infinite potential.

The following are the top universities in Canada, ranked on various parameters, according to the latest QS rankings.

University QS Ranking
University of Toronto 1
McGill University 2
University of British Columbia 3
University of Alberta 5
McMaster University 6
Queen's University 9
University of Ottawa 11
University of Waterloo 7
Western University 8
University of Montreal 4

University of Toronto

University of Toronto is established in 1827 and is recognized as one of the reputable institutions for abroad education. The engineering school and the law department, among the university's other faculties, are acclaimed for their excellence. Furthermore, its medical programs and research accomplishments meet the most stringent industry standards.

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McGill University

McGill University is one of Canada’s most popular universities among international students. Also, the institute is well-known for research-oriented education and also state of art facilities for students. McGill University is made up of eleven faculties and institutions that cover anything from law to music to religious studies.

University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is one of the best universities in Canada, with cutting-edge facilities and creative teaching methods. The university's student-to-faculty ratio is an excellent 11:1. Students from more than 162 countries are enrolled at the university, creating a diverse learning environment.

University of Alberta

The University of Alberta offers a lot of undergraduate programs across 18 faculties and has 400+ research laboratories. The university has thirteen on-campus residences that provide a safe environment for students to study, making it a home away from home for them. The university awards over $28 million in scholarships, honors, and financial help to students each year.

McMaster University

McMaster University was established in 1887. It is a research-intensive, medical-doctoral university that pioneered the problem-based learning technique that became known as "The McMaster model." It is home to foreign students from over 120 different nations. The institution has a total student population of roughly 33,147, with 28,290 undergraduate students and 4,857 graduate students.

Queen's University

Queen's University is located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Queen's University is one of Canada's oldest universities, having been founded by Queen Victoria's Royal Charter. Since its founding on October 16, 1841, Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, has had a substantial impact on Canada's higher education. The university has a total of 25,260 students from more than 100 countries, making it one of Canada's most prestigious institutions.

University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa was established in 1848 and is a public research university in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. More than 400 graduate and undergraduate programs are available at the University of Ottawa, as well as the opportunity to work at one of Canada's five main universities, obtain practical experience, and develop professional qualifications in preparation for a future career.

University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo was founded in 1957 as a public research university. In the early 1960s, Waterloo was one of the first universities in the world to give undergraduate students access to cutting-edge computers. Waterloo has more than 100 undergraduate degrees and 190 graduate programs to offer for international students.

Western University

Western University, founded in 1878, is one of the greatest universities in Canada. Western is a research-intensive institution that has collaborated on integrated research projects with several other universities and research institutions. On many research and development projects, it also collaborates with government agencies and enterprises.

University of Montreal

The University of Montreal is a non-profit research university in the Canadian province of Québec. The University of Notre Dame was founded in 1878 with three faculties: theology, law, and medicine. More than 67,389 students are now enrolled at the university (including two of its schools). More than 7,000 of the university's 10,000 international students are permanent residents of the Canada.

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Top FAQs Asked by Students Travelling to Canada

Here is the list of best courses to study in Canada.

  • MBA
  • Computer Science and IT
  • Business & Finance
  • Engineering Management
  • Agricultural Science
  • Biosciences

One of the most difficult universities to get into is Queen's University's Bachelor of Commerce. This university is one of the most difficult to get into undergraduate programs in Canada, with an acceptance rate of roughly 7% and an admissions average of 87 percent.

  • Accounting
  • Agriculture
  • Medicine and healthcare
  • Location of the University
  • Engineering studies
  • Nursing
  • Computer Science & IT

The top ten universities in Canada are listed above, according to popular ranking publications. You can also research the best colleges in Canada for international students.

Although there are no tuition-free universities in Canada, there are several scholarships available for international students to attend the Canada's top universities.

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