Letter of Recommendation

Letter Of Recommendation (LOR)

  • If you are planning to pursue your higher education abroad, then the Letter of Recommendation or LOR becomes an indispensable part of your application process
  • The LORD is essentially a letter that is written by your Professors/Mentors highlighting your achievements and providing an insight into your work ethics and academic caliber to recommend your application for admission to the university
  • The Letter of Recommendation should provide the admissions officers with a clear picture of your achievements, skills and contributions, that would help them to form a favorable opinion of you

When will you need a Letter of Recommendation?

  • If you are a student, who is planning to study abroad, especially in a western country, then you will need a letter of recommendation
  • You will be asked to provide an LOR as part of your admissions package, irrespective of the level of your course
  • You may be asked to provide one or more letters of recommendation
  • These letters could be from your professors, academic counselors or any manager or mentor during your internship periods
  • If you are applying for an MBA program, then you will need to get your Letter of Recommendation from someone you have worked with in a professional capacity
  • If you are applying for a PhD program, then you can ask your project guide or college professor to provide you with a LOR

What should be the format of the Recommendation Letter?

  • If you are asking your professor or mentor to provide you with a letter of recommendation, then it is most likely that they would have prior experience in writing them. However it is useful, to know the preferred format of the letter
  • The LoR should ideally be in the form of an essay and should not exceed 500 words
  • The letter should highlight your strengths and achievements to the admissions officers
  • The LoR should be written on the letter head of the academic institution where you studied if you are getting one from your professor or a corporate letterhead if you are getting it from the manager at your workplace
  • You will be asked to provide more than one LOR in many cases, and should ensure that they are both unique and are not repetitions of each other

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