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Admission Essays for Studying Abroad

  • Once you begin your admission process for study abroad, you will need to complete and submit a number of documents, which include your academic transcripts and other certifications
  • One of the most important and often asked documents by most universities are the Admission Essays.
  • Most universities will provide you with a details of what is required from you for these essays
  • Some universities may require you to provide them in the form of an answer to a question, while others may be in the form of a statement of purpose to be provided by you
  • Even though, drafting these essays is fairly straightforward, It is best to take guidance from an expert overseas education advisor, as this document provides you with a perfect opportunity to showcase your strengths and argue your case for admission

Categories of Admission Essays

The following categories of admission essays are typically required from students

Under Graduate Admission Essay

  • This type of essay mainly focuses on your academic achievements and interest as well the different extracurricular activities that you have taken up while pursuing your course
  • The essay can contain some or all. Generally, UG essay prompts are similar to these topics
    • a.Tell us something about yourself
    • b.What are your Academic interest
    • c.What are your Academic interest
    • d.Why have you applied to this college/university
    • e.Topics related to current events
    • f.Topics that enable you to showcase your skills

Post graduate/MBA Essays

  • These types of essays are typically asked from MBA or post graduate aspirants and mainly focus on your career Progression
    • a.Essays that showcase your leadership skills
    • b.Essays that ask you to justify your decision to apply to the college/university
    • c.Essays that ask you how you would deal with a cultural shock
    • d.Essays about your traveling experiences
    • e.Essays about your achievements and failures
    • f.Essays about any ethical dilemmas or any situations you have faced

Essays based on a Genre

In these types of essays, you will be given a prompt for a subject and based on the prompt your response should be provided. These essays can generally be categorized into the following types

  • Argumentative: This type of essay asks you to provide your own opinion about the given topic and back up your argument with facts and evidence.
  • Autobiographical: This type of essay asks you to provide a description of your life or an aspect of your life. You are expected to write it in the first language
  • Descriptive: This type of essay asks you to provide a description, of an experience you have had based on your travels or cultural diversity
  • Narrative: This type of essay will ask you to narrate an event which could be either your own experience or an experience you have heard about
  • Persuasive: These essays ask you to share your perspective about a news clipping or article that is provided, and persuade the reader to your point of view
  • Scholarship Essays: These types of essays are required if you are applying for a scholarship
  • Gap-year Essays: These types of essays ask you to justify your reason for a gap year and describe the activities you would take up during your gap year

To know more about the different types of admission essays that you will be required to write in order to complete your admission process. You can reach out to our overseas education advisors for expert guidance on the essay writing process.

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