Statement of Purpose (SOP)

Statement of Purpose (SOP)

Studying or settling abroad is a hug e career step for anyone. Taking each decision carefully and prepping themselves is vital. As a part of eligibility criteria, submitting a statement of purpose is made mandatory for many of the international universities and immigration authorizes in many countries. Also, the SOP should be containing the complete details about their aim, education, reason to choose the university, etc.

What is SOP?

A Statement of Purpose is a document that incorporates personal statements and is required as part of the application process for study abroad programs. It is also known as an application essay and comprises a candidate's basic information, professional and personal interests, academic highlights, and future aspirations.

An SOP is required in the application process for a study abroad since it provides critical information about the candidate and why they wish to pursue a certain course at their institution to the admissions committee. It not only describes who you are as a person, but it also includes information about your writing skills and English language proficiency.

Why SOP is Important?

SOP is a single chance for the students to prove their unique worth among the other applicants. The statement of purpose contains your talents and intention behind your interest to study in that particular university, which makes you stand out in the applicants. It shows your determination towards the abroad education.

How to Write Statement of Purpose?

Statement of Purpose is one judgmental factor for admission. So an optimal format to be followed to write Statement of Purpose.

SOP Format:

  • Introduction
  • Academic Background
  • Professional Experience if any
  • Why interested in the course/University?
  • Career Goals
  • Why choose the ‘X’ University?
  • Extra Cultural Activities or Interests
  • Closing

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