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SOP Sample 1

Name: xxxxxx|Course: xxxxxx|University: xxxxxx

Hi there, hope you are doing well. I am XXXXXXX, a native of XXXXXXX in the state of XXXXXXX in India. I am a Bachelor of Science graduate having more than 4 years of work exposure in the field of business management and business development. It is my work roles that put before me the need to upgrade my understanding of better resource management and develop a good understanding of organizational management with increased focus on areas of finance, marketing and people force. And in order to sustain in this volatile professional market, I need to have a good understanding of the recent developments in the field of global business operations and their sustainability aspects. I find this study program of MBA (Professional) to provide the right platform to nurture my skills of critical thinking and problem-solving and with it, I can stay updated to the latest industry needs and trends. I am really enthusiastic to join this MBA program for studies and am hereby providing my personal statement to help you better evaluate my stand on this...

Educational background and work experiences

In XXX, XXXX (Month, Year), I completed my secondary studies from XXXXXXX affiliated to the XXXXXXX and secured XXXXXXX marks in it. Then I joined XXXXXXX affiliated to the XXXXXXX for my intermediate studies and completed it in XXXXXXX with XX marks. Then I joined the prestigious XXXXXXX University/College for the 3-year degree program of Bachelor of Science and completed it in XXXXXXX with First Division grade. Then in March 2017, I got the opportunity to join XXXXXXX as a Business Development Executive and started working there. I got promoted to the position of a Senior Business Developer in April 2021 and also got a salary hike with it. I am still working there and am really enjoying my work role. And I would like to excel further in this field of business and management and so felt the need of higher studies in the field. I then decided to pursue MBA as a part of my masters’ as here my skills will be best upgraded and I can gain all the transformational skills required to outshine in the work front. Currently, I am preparing for my English language tests and will take them soon.

Reasons for not choosing India for further studies

Actually, in India, the degree of MBA is so widely available that the ultimate weightage of the degree from local institutions has lowered to a considerable extent. And its aftereffects can be easily seen in the jobs as we are not able to get the desired job role in our organization of choice. I did not want to experiment and risk my career prospects standing at this point of time and so, find it wiser to choose abroad study destinations for the program. My nation, India is progressing at a rapid pace and its developmental aspects can be seen in every area of incorporation be it sports and international trade treaties. Being a developing nation, India is still giving tough competition to all developed nations all round the world. And I am really proud being an Indian. But the same prospect is difficult to find in the education sector and there are a number of reasons that are adding to its drawbacks. First and foremost, Indian education system relies highly on theoretical study curriculum and there is lack of proper practical exposure in studies. The syllabus is not upgraded on regular basis and this widens the skill gap amongst us. And when it comes to competition in admission and seat availability, I guess the level is the highest here. Cracking top examinations like CAT, XAT, GMAT and SNAP is really tough as they have fierce competition and available seats are also limited. And therefore, to have a seat at top B-Schools (IIMs, Management Development Institute, SPJIMR, XLRI, IIFT, Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Indian School of Business and Faculty of Management Studies) in India remain a dream of ours. It is true that MBA being a subjective study area, management concepts and business principles need to be focused more but at the same time the need of real-world case studies and business workshops are also high in the field. And for that business projects, research projects and internships are important. But in most Indian institutions, there is lack of practical exposure to learning and it is really hard to find a good internship project to gain the right business insight. So, I find it rational to opt for abroad studies in-spite of cost-advantage and home comfort of studying in India.

Reasons for finalizing Australia for studies

I choose Australia for studies after careful studies and consultation with my peer groups. I found the nation to have higher student-safety support and a welcoming study environment. Australia is no doubt one of the top three abroad study destinations having high global degree recognition and world-class universities supporting quality education. Most universities here are highly reputed and are ranked amongst top 500 in the world by top rankings agencies like THE, QS World University Rankings and ARWU. The Australian Educational Framework (AQF) is there to regularly update study programs as per the market trends and therefore provides the best curriculum for studies. Such tailored courses and increased flexibility of theirs make students job ready and also career ready and their independent thought process is best scrutinized as a result. The other educational bodies like ESOS and CRICOS are there to take care of frauds and other educational mis-managements. The support of tertiary educational body like TEQSA enhance the reliability of ours in the course curriculum and we are ensured of their global weightages in the market. Here students are not spoon-fed but are provided the scope to focus more on intensive-learning and independent thinking. The support of technology-enabled learning resources makes studies much comprehensible here and I can learn from the best teachers as well. Lecturers here are expert in their own fields and have good global linkages to various business communities and enterprises. The scope of internship and placement options is also high in most Australian universities and I am really excited to join the nation for my higher studies. And the other notable factor for choosing the nation for studies, is the course fees here. Regular full-time courses have optimal fee structure and the availability of higher scholarships and bursaries further lower the fees for us. Also, living here will be a treat to me as I can experience a different culture and a totally different ethos. This will surely improve my interaction abilities and adoptability skills to make me ready for the global work needs.

Reasons for not choosing other abroad nations

I preferred Australia from the very beginning, but feedback from my seniors and peer group instigated me to study other country options and then decide. So, I compared some top study destinations of USA, Singapore and New Zealand before finalizing Australia for studies.

Though USA is the top study destination for higher studies but the nation student-friendly nation because of its increased student hate crimes and open gun policies. Here, both cost of living and tuition fees are comparatively higher due to the rising value of dollar in recent times. Though I have no doubt on quality of education provided at US universities but I am worried about after study internships and visa conditions. I need to have a high GRE or GMAT score for admission there and cracking such examinations is quite tough because of national level competition. Also, admission procedures are quite lengthy here and visa complexities are also there.

Then I thought of considering Singapore for studies as here the prospect of business studies is quite high. But soon found that Singapore has unique culture which is difficult to adapt to. The universal ‘Singlish’ language is difficult to learn as it has no basic similarity to my native language. I also need to appear for GMAT as well and need to have high scores for admission in top B-schools here. Moreover, there are lengthier application processes and has additional telephonic rounds. And above all, the cost of study may be affordable but it will be difficult to support accommodation and food as food and drinks are the costliest in Singapore. There is also limitation in the number of international student entry (15%) and visa approvals.

UK has quite similar study conditions as that of USA. In fact, it is the best country in the world for education after US and is hosting studies for more than 4.5 lakh of international students. Though the recent issue of Brexit has lowered international students’ footfalls to a considerable extent but the quality of education cannot be neglected either. I have no issue with it but found that courses offered are mainly of shorter duration that is, a regular full-time masters’ course of 2 years is been offered in UK for a period of 1-1.5 years and for that tuition fees are also quite high. Such short-term courses might have lower value in the market compared to full time courses. Moreover, cost of living in most UK cities like London is not easy to afford and will be a high pinch to our pockets. Also, I need to have high GRE or GMAT score for admission in top B-schools there, the preparatory stages of which are quite time-consuming and complex.

Coming to the point of currency conversion rates, I find Australia to have lowest rate among them (1 USD=INR 75.00; 1 Singapore Dollar= INR 55.35; 1 GPB= 100.54 and 1 AUD= INR 52.43). And so, finalised it for studies.

Reasons for choosing XXXXXX

Your esteemed university, XXXXXX, is the pinnacle of quality education and when it comes to learning it prepares students for both, be it work or life. The university is a leader in the field of academic excellence and innovation research support. It is one of Australia’s leading universities in the field of business studies and here teaching is inspired to have global impact at large. Robust emphasis on practical, personal and flexible learning is what makes the university unique and here students can rely fully for their professional journeys and career growth support. It rightly fosters next generation leaders by creating a new vision of innovation and business leadership. And the university also values the opportunity to work hand-in hand with industries and organizations and thus provides job specific courses and relevant facilities to excel. The instructors and lecturers are the assets of the university and I would find me privileged to study under their guidance. I loved the XXXXXX Block model concept of the university where small, focused and fully-integrated classes are held for improved results. The XXXXXX campus at XXXXXX is also aptly located and it provides a location, where, surrounding beauty equally mixes with quality educational prospects. The campus here is safe and friendly and has a multi-cultural student community. Besides being a part of it, there will be higher opportunities to strengthen my business and professional connections. Moreover, the modern state of the art training facilities and well-equipped lab facilities with opportunities to job simulation will definitely enrich my learning experiences which I can implement in my job roles and will further improve my knowledge and skills in the field of my studies. Thus, after completing my course; I will be tailor made for my professional exposure and will be the most sought out candidate in the field of contemporary business needs.

And the university is one of the most forward-thinking and dynamic institutions in the whole nation having high prospects of career and employability services. XXXXXX is one of the few universities in Australia that offer courses that are both TAFE accredited and provide advanced level learning. The university is consistently ranked in top 2% of world universities as per Times Higher Education World University Rankings (2018-2021). And the MBA program here is ranked as a Tier 1 by the London-based CEO Magazine 2019’s global rankings. This information really served as the ice-breaker in my case and I am sure studying at XXXXXX, I will be able to spread my horizons of knowledge quite confidently and can best excel in my future professional exposure.

Reasons for not choosing other XXXXXXXXXXXX

Before finalizing XXXXXX for studies, I researched some other similar universities for the program of MBA and found most of them to offer the exact course. Here is a comparative study of theirs.

At XXXXXX the degree of general MBA and Executive MBA is available for studies but here the overall tuition fees for the course are much higher as that in XXXXXX (Chosen University)and is AUD$ XXXXXX whereas it is AUD$ XXXXXX in XXXXXX (Chosen University). The key subject offerings at XXXXXX are not as apt as that in XXXXXX (Chosen University) and include only Business research design, Executive consulting, Business skill for start-ups and fast-track innovation program. Subjects of strategic management, change management and innovation and entrepreneurship are not emphasized in the curriculum and therefore, I thought of not choosing XXXX for studies.

XXXX University offers MBA for a full-time duration of 1.5 years and the course fees are also higher compared to XXXXXX (Chosen University) and are AUD$XXXXX for the program. Though a number of market-demanded specializations like Business Analytics, Corporate Governance and Project Management are offered but here also strategic management, organization change management and business sustainability are not included in the curriculum and therefore, I will not be able to choose my preferred areas of interests.

XXXXX University is having a strong Indian student community in recent times and it also offers the course of MBA (Advanced). But the total tuition fees for the 2-years are really high compared to VU and are AUD$XXXXX. Though as electives subjects like Corporate Governance, International Management and Entrepreneurship in Global Market are available I found the subject integration of core and research units at XXXXXX (Chosen University) to be more appropriate as here weighted value on each area is justified than that at XXXXX where focus on research projects is more in comparison.

Reasons for choosing MBA (Global) for studies

With rapid pace of globalization in recent times, the business perspectives have drastically changed over the years. The shift from barter-exchange to e-commerce has remained quite smooth and steady. And I have seen and experienced the changes in business operations quite intensely. Previously we used to be physically present at the stores to buy a thing but now the online business platforms have seen such rapid progress that our required things are just a click away from us and are provided to us instantly. In this regard, the global approach to businesses has remained a major factor and therefore, the field of global business operational management is surely an emerging field of todays’ times and has long-term career outcomes. And an MBA degree best integrates all these areas into studies. I now aim to develop a wider understanding of global business practices and sharpen my skills to create effective business strategies and that too from an international perspective. I am sure this degree will widen my knowledge in the relevant field and I can develop better business insights for a sustainable business growth and operation. It will support my career progression by developing critical thinking and research skills and also enhancing overall business knowledge and understanding. With this degree outcomes, I will start to think laterally, challenge conventions and thus can offer informed innovative solutions to various business issues of contemporary world. And I found the program curriculum at your esteemed university best for studies and so, wisely choose it for me.

And it is none other than the e-commerce boom that has further enhanced the value of the MBA degree in recent times. I can precisely say that it is e-commerce that is reshaping all rules and regulations of businesses and are adding higher flexibilities to the subjects we learn or will learn that will in turn help us to accomplish our career goals significantly. World class multinationals like Alibaba and Amazon are revolutionizing the way of business operations and their effective management and I am keen to be a part of this revolution. Therefore, choosing this MBA program for studies is a rational decision on my part keeping a close eye on global market demands. I am sure, this degree will add fresh air to my resume and my academic weightage will improve greatly in the job market.

Course structure

The 2-year study program has a total of 192 credit points that need to be completed for studies of which 48 credit points are college core units, 24 are business core units, 84 are professional core units and remaining 36 are research units. The subjects offered into studies include,

College core units Core units Research units
  • Accounting for management
  • Data analysis for business
  • Business economics
  • Work and organization systems
  • Financial analysis
  • Marketing management
  • Business ethics and sustainability
  • strategic HRM
  • Art and practice of leadership
  • Strategic management and business policy
  • Managing innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Organization change management
  • Business research methods
  • Business research project
  • Business research proposal
  • Business research thesis
  Elective options
  • Internship
  • Study tours

Future career plans and incentives to be back to India

I have no plan of abroad settlement and will be back to India post-studies. I would like to join top business organizations for jobs and will start from top managerial level job roles. I aim to work with organizations like Amazon, Reliance, Tata, IKEA, Boston Consulting Group and Hindustan UniLever. The job roles I find best for me are business consultant, enterprise resource planner, finance manager, HR manager, business analyst, marketing manager, relationship manager, business development officer and operations manager. This degree program will highly impact my portfolio of knowledge and expertise and will be extremely advantageous for my future career roles. Post-studies, my business competency skills will be improved and I will be able to apply my understanding to complex real-world problems and my awareness of emerging technologies and developments will be improved.

Back India, I will first update my CV and will then start job-hunting. I will keep an eye on top recruiting websites like Naukri and Timesjobs and will also upgrade my professional LinkedIn networking. I am sure this degree recognition added to my CV will help me stand out amongst the other job seekers and I can be top pick by employers. My past work exposure in the field along with this MBA program will help me get higher remuneration package and I can expect a starting salary of INR XXX Lakhs per annum which would have been limited to INR 5-7 Lakhs per annum with a local MBA degree. So, there will be both job enrichment and job recognition with this MBA degree and I look forward to it. After 3-5 years, I can be part of strategic level management in the organizations where my decision-making can bring positive results to them. And I found that it will take me 3.5-4 years to have my return on investment.

Apart from career plans, I have other strong reasons to be back to India. My family is settled in India and so, I will be back to them post-studies. Also, we have family assets of lands and buildings worth lakhs and need to look after them by being in India.

Obligations under visa subclass 500

I am aware that I need to meet the following DIBP student visa conditions under subclass 500, during my stay in Australia:

  • I cannot work more than 40 hours per fortnight.
  • I must remain enrolled in a registered course and must maintain 80% attendance for the full duration of my course, satisfying the Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirement.
  • I must maintain adequate arrangements for health insurance during my stay in Australia.
  • I must notify XXXXXX (Chosen University) and DHA within seven days of any change to my residential address/contact details.
  • I cannot change the university unless I complete 6 months in it.
  • I must maintain 50% grades throughout the study program.


With all due respect, I declare that all information mentioned above is true to the best of my understanding. I would also like to thank you with all humbleness for giving me this opportunity. I am really enthusiastic to be a part of your esteemed university for the chosen study program and your kind co-operation in this regard will be highly helpful in shaping my upcoming career prospects.

Yours Sincerely,


SOP Sample 2

Name: xxxxxx|Course: xxxxxx|University: xxxxxx

Before I start, I want to thank you immensely for this opportunity and I will try my level best to justify my stand before you. Well, I have wisely chosen this field of MBA for studies keeping the global business prospects of recent times in mind and also keeping in mind, the need of robust management skills in work roles as well. Here I can have the chance to expand my knowledge beyond a regional focus and can thus have a better and flexible approach in dealing with future business and administrative operations. This degree will impart me a fine sense of social culture and upgrade my managerial Skills as well. Being exposed to a cross-cultural work environment will help me have more adoptability skills and I can stand-out in the job roles as well. I am sure this degree will help me to be an effective and efficient manager in coming years and I can be a reliable asset for the global economy at large. After careful examination, I find the study program at your esteemed university best for me and hereby I provide my personal statement for the same...

Coming to the point of my education, I have completed my secondary studies from XXXXXXX and my Intermediate from XXXXXXX. Then in XXXXXXX (month, year), I completed my B.Tech Mechanical Engineering from XXXXXXX with X grade.

I choose UK after careful research and consultation with various peer groups. I find the nation to excel in quality teaching and learning support in Management domain. The European Educational curriculum provides global knowhow of contemporary areas and thereby make students career ready. Here universities are top ranked and are internationally acknowledged. The support of advanced technological tools in learning is also immense in most UK universities. There are compulsory internship and research project modules to make students more open to real world work culture. Here the scope of placement options is also high and graduates are highly sought in top organizations after their degrees. UK also has high global networking with various business enterprises all over the world. Diversity inclusion is also one of the major focuses of universities here and so I can mingle with people from all over the world and have good cultural integration. I find most UK universities to be student friendly and to provide a safe living and learning environment.

Coming to the point of choosing your prestigious university for studies, I find XXXXXXX University to provide the best study experiences to its students. The university also has high scope of graduate employability and student satisfaction rate as well. Both the XXXXXXX University and XXXXXXX campus has all modern amenities for learning and here the study environment is safe, engaging and welcoming. The campuses are well equipped with modern lecture theaters and study zones thereby increasing the study flexibility of ours. The international student community of the university is really inspiring and this increased my reliability in XXXXXXX University. The support of blended learning and flexible study curriculum make the university a popular study destination amongst us. Resourceful libraries and support of other modern learning technologies like make studies more comprehensible here and I am sure being a part of this modern and innovative university, I can largely excel in my efforts. The study modules rightly include areas of managing strategy, operations and partnerships, managing financial and human resources for sustainable business success, marketing in a digital age and CSR, business simulation with professional development, mental wealth and applied research and applied business project. Close connection with XXXXXXX and XXXXXXX will add more weightage to the degree here and I can understand how businesses make a real-world positive impact on the local communities at large. All these precisely helped me to choose UK as my final study destination and I am very happy with my decision.

This degree will provide me a balanced knowhow of both theoretical and practical aspects of the field of global business management and I will gain the best transferable skills for work place needs. I will be back to my nation, India post-studies and will look for jobs there. In fact, I aim to be associated with any one of Amazon, Reliance Industries, Tata Group, Hindalco, Asian Paints, ITC, Godrej and Bharti Airtel. The job roles that will best suit me are Business development officer, Operations Manager, Relationship Manager, Administrative Manager, Human Resource Manager, Enterprise Resource Planner, Global Business strategist, Strategic Manager, Finance Manager and Marketing Manager. This international MBA degree from your esteemed university will add more weightage to my resume and it will increase its market weightage manifold and I look forward to this opportunity.

To end, I thank you for your valuable time and your kind consideration in this regard will be of great help.

Yours Sincerely,


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