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Top 5 reasons why you should immigrate to Sweden

Immigration to Sweden as the World’s Favorite Destination


According to the recent rankings released by US News & World Report, Sweden has displaced Canada to emerge as the world’s favorite destination for immigrants from around the world. The survey polled more than 20,000 respondents to arrive at the top 5 destinations where immigrants preferred to Settle. Sweden came on top of the list, followed by Canada, Switzerland, Australia and Germany.  We look at the top 5 reasons for Immigration to consider moving to Sweden.


The benefits in Sweden are among the best in the world.


An Immigrant to Sweden, can enjoy 5 weeks of paid vacation as well as 480 days of paid leave for parents which allows them more time with their children, ensuring that Sweden remains one of the best places for bringing up kids. Also Sweden offers free healthcare, low-cost child care and the option of taking unlimited number of sick days at work.

The Summers and Winters are both beautiful


The winters though harsh, have their own beauty, with everything being covered in the pristine white snow for most of the season. In summers, the sun stays in the sky for the longest period, ensuring that everyone in Sweden can enjoy extra time under the sun. As a new immigrant you will be surprised to find that the sun sets very late in summer, giving you at least 5 hours of outdoor time after your work day is over.



Sweden leads in women empowerment


A society that leads in women’s empowerment is bound to be a society that thrives. A 2005 Word Economic Forum report has stated that Sweden is the most advanced country in the world for women. Through various initiatives taken by government and private industries, women are encouraged to take up high profile careers and are supported on the home front as well. If you are a Woman Immigrant then Sweden would be the right choice for you.


Sweden is environmentally friendly


If you are environmentally conscious, and we all should be, then Sweden should be the place you should go as an immigrant. Swedish capital of Stockholm was titled as the first green capital of Europe way back in 2010. The city’s vast tracts of green cover and 25 percent cut in fuel emissions helped it to earn the title. The country also plans to cut its emissions to 50% by 2050 and has the most comprehensive public transport network anywhere in the world. Also the air and water in Sweden are extremely clean and unpolluted.


Transparent politics and Strong, independent media


Sweden is one of the least corrupt and most transparent countries in the world. As a new immigrant you will find that getting a license, starting a business or opening an account are all transparent and streamlined processes. Sweden has always ranked amongst the best countries to start a business in on account of its low levels of corruption. Moreover media in Sweden is vastly independent and the topics in the news are well researched, which leads to more educated people and a more transparent government.



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