Graduate Record Examination Test (GRE) Training Classes

The GRE is a standardized exam taken by students wanting to do their master’s in the USA and some other parts of the world. A top score in GRE is the gateway to top universities and jobs, and one can greatly enhance one’s probability of obtaining a high score by joining GRE  classes that provide strategic GRE coaching. Global Tree offers GRE  classes, which are taught by our in-house team of experts, who provide the best GRE training.


Originally used to determine Graduate school, the GRE has become increasingly prominent for MBA and B-school students as well. The applicants for the GRE exam came from diverse backgrounds and the test is used to compare their varied competencies. The test score is valid at thousands of the top universities all across the globe.

Structure Of GRE Examination:

  • The Verbal Section analyses how well one can comprehend English. Dedicated GRE coaching at expert GRE classes can increase one’s probability of success in this section.
  • The Quantitative Section tests basic mathematical skills. Attending a high-quality GRE classes  such as the one’s provided by Global Tree can give you an edge over others in the quantitative section, as emphasis is laid on targeted practice.
  • Analytical Writing assesses your presentation of an argument or ability to put forth a perspective. Taking up GRE coaching from GRE  classes provided by Global Tree can greatly enhance your rate of scoring in this section.
  • One can take GRE once in every 21 days, up to five times in a year. The scores remain valid for five consecutive years.