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Study abroad in New Zealand – Cell Biology as your majors!

Study abroad in New Zealand

Lead the crowd with an advanced degree in Cell and Molecular Biology!

Cell Biology or Cytology deals with the structure and function of a live biological cell. The Cell is the basic unit of life. Cells consist of certain organelles which have physiological properties, metabolism, Signaling Pathways and their reciprocate interaction with the circumstances and the environment around them. Research on the cells and their growth in certain media and circumstances help to find out the cancer cell growth and other destructive cells in the human body. Studies on cell biology help to bring drastic changes in human medical technology and research on the same with regard to animals and plants help in the development of breeds and varieties, resistance to diseases, and which can bring the highest rate of production. Research in Cell biology is very much related to developmental biology, molecular biology, immunology, genetics, and so on. Study in New Zealand adds value to the degree as the system of education is reputed worldwide.

Specialization in Cellular biology during the study in New Zealand

The various specializations for your study in New Zealand for Masters in Cell Biology include Cancer biology, Cytoskeletal dynamics, Mechanobiology, Metabolism, Proteolysis and quality control, Developmental biology, Organelle biology, Cell cycle and growth, DNA replication and repair, Chromatin and Epigenetics,  Nuclear organization and Dynamics, Cell adhesion and migration, Cell death, RNA biology, Signal Transduction, and others as well.

Scope of Cell biologist after study in New Zealand

Professors, assistant professors, research specialists, cellular biologists, Lab technologists, teachers, and the career path grows according to the field the student chooses to study.

Salary of Cell biologist

Lab Technicians earn an average salary of $45.230, while the area of their work was with research centers in plant, human and animal biology. The scientific researchers bagged $97,530 on average, while Pharma researchers made $87,370.

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Top 3 Universities offering Cell biology and Molecular biology for study in New Zealand

  1. The University of Waikato, Hamilton, NZ

University of Waikato, Hamilton, NZ

Molecular and Cellular biology is taught as a combination of microbiology, physiology, genetics and biochemistry. The complex mechanisms that perform the essential functions of living cells in unicellular and multi-cellular organisms, with regard to prevention and cure of human, plant and animal diseases. Scholarships and funding are available for the course.

Course: Masters in Molecular and Cellular Biology

Intake: Dec 2018

Duration: 2 years

Medium of Instruction: English

  1. The University of Canterbury, Christ Church, NZ

University of Canterbury, Christ Church, NZ

Plants are essential for the survival of life on earth and agricultural production needs a revival to meet the demands globally. Developing the disease-resistant breeds, which can survive in dire circumstances, bringing forth good produce, are the essential topics in plant biology. The University of Canterbury offers MSc in plant biology for the students who pursue study in New Zealand.

Course: Masters in Plant biology

Intake: June/Dec 2018

Duration: 2 years

Medium of Instruction: English

  1. Victoria University of Wellington, NZ

Victoria University of Wellington, NZ

Study of the marine life is essential to preserve them from being extinct. Organisms living in water play a vital role in balancing the ecosystem. Victoria University of Wellington provides complete teaching and practical aspects of Marine biology for the students who wish to study in New Zealand.

Course: Masters in Marine Biology

Intake: May 2018

Duration: 2 years

Medium of instruction: English

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