Application Process

Application Process for Study in New Zealand

  • The application process for study in New Zealand is relatively easy and straightforward.
  • In this article, we outline the steps that you will need to take as a prospective student to apply to universities in New Zealand.
  • It is important to remember to start early as most universities have admission deadlines beyond which they will not accept new applications

Step by Step Application Process for Study in New Zealand :

Step 1: Research Universities and Courses

  • In this step, you should take a good look at all the various options that are available for you in terms of universities and courses
  • You should start this step at least a year before so that you have ample time to research all your options to make the right decision
  • You can take the guidance of our expert overseas education advisors to assess your profile and help you choose the right course and university

Step 2: Take the Standardized Tests

  • Once you have finalized the course you need to take, then you will need to decide what standardized tests you need to take to Study in New Zealand
  • You will then need to register for the standardized tests and decide on the available dates on which you can take them
  • It is important to take this step well in advance so that you get your scores in time for the application

Step 3: Submit your Application

  • This is the most crucial step of your process to study in New Zealand and should be taken with utmost care
  • You will need to submit all the required documents including a statement of purpose and letters of recommendation if required with your application
  • You will need to check with the universities you are applying for to see the list of required documents
  • Any error or omission that you make during this step can greatly affect your prospects for admission. It is therefore important to take the advice of an expert New Zealand study advisor.

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Step 4: Get Offers from Universities

  • This is the most rewarding step of the application process.
  • In this step, you will be getting offers of acceptance from the universities you have applied for and will need to confirm your acceptance with one of the universities
  • Once you finalize your place, then you will need to pay the required fees and obtain a letter of acceptance from the university

Step 5: How to Apply for a New Zealand Student Visa

  • Once you have accepted a place at a university in New Zealand, you will need to start your application for the student visa
  • In this step, you will need to keep all the documentation ready for application for a student visa and apply at the consulate nearest to you
  • Once you have received your student visa, then you can fly anytime and begin your new journey of pursuing your higher education in New Zealand

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Top FAQs Asked by Students Travelling to New Zealand

We recommend that you start your process at least a year before your expected course commencement date to leave you ample time to correct any errors or omissions during the application process.

Yes, you will need to take a test of proficiency in English for obtaining a student visa to study in New Zealand

Global Tree overseas education advisors will assess your profile and guide you through all the steps of your application process and help you with all the pre-departure as well as post-landing steps.

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