Education System in Ireland

Ireland Education System – Fee Structure, Timelines & Degree Levels

Ireland has become one of the best study abroad destinations over the past few decades. The Ireland government has invested a lot in higher education institutions for making them a state-of-art infrastructure for the students. International students from non-European countries must apply for an Irish Student Visa in order to study in Ireland. Only after being accepted by an Irish university may a student apply for an Ireland study (student) visa, as their acceptance letter will be required throughout the visa application process. As a result, in order to study in Ireland, Indian students must get a student visa.

Ireland Education System

The Irish education system is quite similar to that of the United Kingdom. That is why the students who wish to study in Ireland can experience the highest quality of education. The educational system in Ireland is organized into four levels.

  • Primary education including pre-primary
  • Post-primary education
  • Further education and training
  • Higher education

National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ)

The NFQ specifies the Irish education standards. It measures the learning level and the qualifications of an applicant and compares them with others. NFQ facilitates the transfer of a student from one level to another, or transfer between institutions only if the students fulfill the eligibility requirements to Study in Ireland. NFQ recognizes the qualifications and corresponds to the European education standards so that your level of education can be recognized globally.

Fee Structure in Ireland

Ireland is an excellent location for obtaining a world-class education, great quality of life, and exposure to a wide cultural mix. While the cost of tuition to study in Ireland is modest, you must plan ahead of time to keep track of your costs. The cost of tuition for international students varies based on the type of degree and course duration. Each university in Ireland sets its own tuition costs based on the subject and degree of study. A degree costs between €10,000 and €25,000 per year on average.

Non Degree Levels of Education in Ireland

Level Education Duration
6 Higher certificate (mostly offered by IoTs) 2 years
7 Higher diploma 1 year
8 Graduate diploma 1 year
9 Postgraduate diploma 1-2 years

Degree Levels of Education in Ireland

Level Degree Duration
7 Bachelor’s degree 3 years [5-6 years for medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, and architecture programs ]
8 Honours bachelor’s degree 3-4 Years
9 Master’s degree 1 Year & may extend 16-24 months
10 Doctoral degree 3 years of research followed by dissertation

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Top FAQs Asked by Students travelling to Ireland

Yes, education in Ireland is a semester pattern. In the Irish universities, there will be 2 semesters yearly.

  • The first semester: Starts in September and runs till December
  • One-month Christmas break: December/January
  • The second semester: Starts late January and runs till May
  • Summer break: May till early September

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The Irish Government enables students who have graduated from Irish universities to work in Ireland for up to 24 months, according to the amended Third Level Graduate Scheme Permission.

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