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Jobs & Internship Opportunities after Studying in Ireland

Ireland is known for its fastest-growing economy among all other European countries and do you know, the Republic of Ireland is called a Knowledge Economy as the country mostly focuses on the application of the knowledge to generate a great value for the financial services. Due to the diminishing rate of employability due to the coronavirus outbreak in Ireland, it is of utmost importance to know which skills and jobs are in demand for 2024.

Most in-demand Jobs in Ireland for 2024

Check out the top 20 in-demand jobs in Ireland for international students in 2024.

  • Automation Engineer

    Salary range: €50,000 – 60,000

    Post covid, the business scenarios are bouncing back with even more advancements. In such cases, automation has been one of the most in-demand professions as most businesses are switching to automation from manual work. So, one can see consistent attention to this job for five more years.

  • Sustainable Manager

    Salary range: €60,000 – 65,000

    While the future is unpredictable, we can be assured of one thing: global climate change is a constant threat. Addressing these environmental concerns will eventually result in a stable infrastructure of jobs, such as sustainable development and management positions.

  • Data scientist

    Salary range: €60,000 – 65,000

    Data scientists employ computer science, statistical modeling, cryptography, and arithmetic skills to solve problems that allow large organizations to make objective decisions for their customers. These well-paying positions have consistently moved to the top of the list of the most in-demand occupations in Ireland and around the world.

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  • Software Engineer

    Salary range: €45,000 – 55,000

    Over the past few decades, the demand for software engineers has not been diminishing in Ireland. The candidates who have skills can enjoy the best pay and flexible working hours. Along with them junior developers and technicians are also in great demand.

  • Compliance Officer

    Salary range: €40,000 – 50,000

    Numerous organizations in a variety of industries use compliance officers to guarantee that organizational rules and policies are carefully adhered to. With an ever-increasing population of consumers purchasing items, vocations like these are only projected to become more in-demand in Ireland and around the world in 2024.

  • e-Commerce Manager

    Salary range: €50,000 – 55,000

    Most part of businesses has moved to online shopping these days. And in such scenarios, the demand for e-commerce managers is high. Not only the e-commerce managers, e-commerce specialists at both mid and senior levels also have great demand in Ireland.

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  • Web Developer

    Salary range: €50,000 – 60,000

    Last year, the demand for web developer jobs in Ireland was so high that applicants witnessed a significant boost in compensation compared to the previous year. These occupations demand specialized technical skills and are expected to develop significantly over the coming decade.

  • Mortgage Underwriter

    Salary range: €40,000 – 45,000

    Despite the fact that Ireland's housing market saw ebbs and flows throughout the years 2020 and 2021, many people are still considering buying a home in 2024. Mortgage underwriters evaluate and verify loan applications, analyze loan risk, and determine eligibility before accepting or rejecting them. Candidates with strong financial and business analysis skills will remain in high demand.

  • Construction Manager

    Salary range: €45,000 – 50,000

    The Irish government's current Climate Action Plan, as well as Project Ireland 2040, will continue to be the driving forces behind rising demand throughout the construction trade, culminating in a boom of jobs across many industries in 2024.

  • Healthcare Assistant

    Salary range: €37,500 – 40,000

    Becoming a medical practitioner is a tough profession that requires much study and practice. While the job is rewarding, it can also present its own set of challenges, such as a global pandemic. Many hospitals around the country were understaffed in 2020, forcing many governments and privately operated facilities to reassess hiring practices and compensation in order to avoid future understaffing problems. Becoming a dedicated healthcare assistant is a fantastic way to break into the medical industry, which is predicted to grow through 2024.

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Top FAQs Asked by Students Travelling to Ireland

The skills which are in demand in Ireland for 2024 are mentioned above. Other than that, below are some more skills that are in demand in Ireland.

  • Digital Marketing Specialist - Salary range: €55,000 – 65,000
  • Technical Writer - Salary range: €35,000 – 45,000
  • Quality Assurance Specialist - Salary range: €50,000 – 60,000
  • Lead Generation Agent - Salary range: €30,000 – 35,000
  • Digital Content Creator - Salary range: €25,000 – 30,000

The students who have completed their graduation or post-graduation in Ireland can opt for internships for the industrial experience or real-time experience which can aid their career growth. There are plenty of opportunities for internships in Ireland. Here are some of the internship programs by reputed organizations where you can find your related field for internship and apply for it.

  • International Internships in Dublin with The Intern Group
  • Connect-123 Dublin Internships
  • CAPA Dublin: Study & Intern Abroad
  • Global Experiences Internships in Dublin, Ireland
  • IES Internships Dublin
  • World Endeavors: Intern in Ireland and many more

Most students choose Dublin as their Study Abroad destination as they can avail the best opportunities after graduation.

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