Top Scholarships in Ireland

How to Get Scholarship to Study in Ireland for Indian Students?

Education in Ireland is expensive when compared to most of the European countries. And Scholarships are the best way of managing the financial burden on the students. For overseas students who choose to study in Ireland and need financial aid, there are a variety of scholarship possibilities available.

Scholarships are available from the Irish government, as well as numerous universities and privately financed organizations, for eligible and needy international students planning to pursue higher education in Ireland. Some of the most popular Ireland scholarship programs for the country are listed below.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Ireland Scholarships

A good academic record is the most significant qualification for most scholarships, but it also depends on aspects such as your selected destination, subject, and level.

  • Scholarships can also be obtained through extracurricular activities and volunteer work.
  • Remember that each scholarship has its unique set of eligibility conditions.
  • In some circumstances, a basic application may be sufficient, but in others, you may be required to meet a variety of extra conditions.
  • You may be required to submit written assignments for research-oriented programs.

The Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship

Under this scholarship program, an amount of €10,000 stipend for one year of education and it will be awarded for 60 students every 1 year. The students who apply for bachelor's, Masters or Ph.D. levels education in Ireland are eligible to apply for this scholarship program. This is fully-funded tuition and other registration costs at whichever institution the student secured a seat in.

The Walsh Fellowship

In the honor of late Dr. TomWalsh, who did a great contribution to agriculture and food research in Ireland, this scholarship program is established. This is the fellowship program, particularly for the post-graduate students who are working on projects related to Teagasc Research and Knowledge Transfer Program, majorly in fields of food, crops, animal and grasslands, environment, economics, and rural development.

Up to 30 new slots are available each year, with a stipend of €22,000 for each student. The duration of an M.Sc course is up to two years, with a maximum of four years for a Ph.D., and the preferred location is Teagasc Research Centre.

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Scholarship applications are accepted beginning in June and have a deadline in early September. Individual postgraduate students are not eligible to apply and taught (non-research) postgraduate degrees are not covered.

Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship 2024

This is a government-funded scholarship program for international students to study their Research, master's, Ph.D., or Direct Ph.D. This is funded by the Department of Education and Skills of Ireland. A stipend of €16,000 per year will be awarded for the students who are selected for this scholarship which can reduce the burden of Cost of Living for student in Ireland. A stipend also includes several fees; non-EU fees up to a maximum of €5,750 per annum will be awarded.

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Top FAQs Asked by Students Travelling to Ireland

Most Irish universities and colleges also feature a list of scholarships available to Indian students. Some of them are,

  • NUI Galway International student scholarships – is open to all students from non-EU countries and offers scholarships amount of up to 2000 Euros for selected students.
  • DCU international student scholarship – offers scholarships for students studying at Dublin City University and covers the cost of tuition for international students.
  • Trinity College in Dublin has a range of scholarships available for students pursuing various programs.

Several other scholarships are available for completing your course in Ireland, depending on your course of study, university, and academic background. Request a free consultation with one of our Ireland education advisers to learn about all of your choices for funding your study.

The Irish Government enables students who have graduated from Irish universities to work in Ireland for up to 24 months, according to the amended Third Level Graduate Scheme Permission.

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