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Becoming a Nurse Practitioner as a career choice

Global Tree-Choose Nursing as Your Career Option


Choose Nursing as Your Career Option


According to Maslow’s theory of hierarchical needs, we human beings are constantly motivated to address the needs that are immediate of concern to us, and once they are addressed we go on to address a higher need. As per the theory, a person would first address the basic need of food and shelter, then of safety and security and then of self-actualization. Nowadays, people are looking at ways in which they can both get food on the table (i.e. earn a good income) and feel good about themselves at the same time. One such profession that you can consider as an option for Study Abroad is Nursing. As a nurse, you are involved in the treatment and care of your patients. A career that is high paying while at the same time one that can give a lot of job satisfaction. Today we explore the topic of Nurse Practitioners and the steps you must take, and the best places to study abroad in order to make it your career choice

What does a Nurse Practitioner (NP) do?


Nurse Practitioners (NP) are Nurses who have earned an advanced degree in nursing, preferably while they Study Abroad. Nurse practitioners are qualified to take up additional responsibilities as compared to a Registered Nurse. An NP is able to, dragonize patients, provide treatment and prescribe medicines, which is similar to the responsibilities of a Doctor. In the USA, 20 states allow an NP to work without the supervision of a Doctor. In the other states, though they need to work under the supervision of a doctor, they still have much more authority than a Registered Nurse. NP is an extremely vital part of the medical team in hospitals across the world, and a number of hospitals are employing them for their expertise.  NPs bring a unique blend of work experience as nurses and advanced studies that put them on par with physicians in the ability to treat patients.

What are the career prospects for Nurse Practitioners


Nursing is a great option for someone who loves to take care of people. As a nurse, you would have the job satisfaction of knowing that someone is getting better under your care. You would also enjoy job security as nursing is a stable industry and job loss or retrenchment is rare. If you qualify your nursing practice by going to study abroad at a good university then you can definitely increase your chances expect to have far better job prospects.


It is estimated that the need for nurses is poised to increase over the next five years on account of the shift in demographics towards more retired and aging people. A student from India can go to Study Abroad to become a Nurse Practitioner and therefore can be qualified to address this rise in demand. NPs are a bridge between nursing and doctors and are called upon in places where there is a shortage of physicians. It has been predicted that there would be a 35 percent increase in job vacancies for NPs which can definitely be an advantage for an Indian student who plans to study abroad on the subject of nursing.  NPs can also expect to earn an average salary of 70,000 USD at the entry level and a salary of around 1, 40,000 USD with a few years of experience.  Also, the profession allows for a Continuing Education Program, that lets you gain additional certifications and specializations which can boost your career further and allow you to get more opportunities and a higher salary

Top Nursing Schools for Indians planning to study abroad


Nursing as we have seen above is an extremely lucrative field, but to be successful in this field one must invest in the best courses. We provide a list of the best schools in which one can study abroad for the subject of nursing

  1. University of Pennsylvania – USA
  2. John Hopkins University – USA
  3. King’s College London – UK
  4. University of Manchester – UK
  5. University of Technology Sydney – Australia
  6. University of Toronto – Canada
  7. University of Washington – USA
  8. University of California (San Francisco) – USA
  9. University of Sydney – Australia
  10. University of Southampton – UK



If you would like to Study Abroad to become a nurse practitioner and/or to take up Nursing as a Profession, then you should contact Global Tree, one of the most Efficient Consultants for Study Abroad plans in India.



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