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Living with Room-Mates when you Study Abroad

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One of the best and at the same time most nerve-wracking experiences for a student who goes to Study Abroad at a university is that of living in a shared facility with room-mates. Most students prefer to live along with roommates as living alone can be very expensive for a student. It is a different experience for most students who come to Study Abroad from India, especially as most of them have not had to live with roommates. The experience is made all the starker by the fact that it is possible that one’s roommates are from completely different countries and cultures. We provide a few tips for getting along with your roommates and making the most of your college experience when you Study Abroad.


Maintain cleanliness in your part of the room

The pet peeve for most people is having to live in a messy environment. Not only that many students find it difficult to concentrate on studies if they have to study in messy surroundings. You may find yourself being the object of anger if you do not maintain at least the minimum amount of cleanliness whiles you Study Abroad. Do not, however, go to the other extreme and insist on having each and every surface thoroughly cleaned lest you are labeled as a neat-freak by your roommates. The best thing would be to have a discussion regarding the level of neatness expected and the division of chores.


Work out a system to share the expenses

When you live in a shared facility with other Room-Mates when you Study Abroad, then you will most likely be sharing the rent as well as other expenses. It would be best if you and your roommates get together to discuss the best way to divide up these expenses and also come up with a schedule for paying them. Failure to do so can cause some of the bills to remain unpaid, which can not only be the cause of inconvenience and embarrassment to you but can also negatively affect your credit score when you Study Abroad


Adjust your Room-Mates food habits

For most Indian Students who Study Abroad, especially vegetarians the food habits of their roommates are the most difficult issue to contend with. A student who eats only vegetarian food while he is at home may suddenly find himself with a roommate who insists on cooking meat in the house. In such a scenario it is best to have an open discussion with your roommates and come up with a solution that is amicable to all. You can work out a system where your roommate agrees to cook meat on specific days of the week and you can opt to eat out on those days. Other points that require discussion are who will wash the dishes? And whether cooking utensils will be shared


Dealing with Noisy Room-Mates

Some Room-Mates can be quite loud and enjoy playing music at high volume late into the night when you study abroad. Or you may be the loud one in the room especially when you are talking long-distance on your phone or skype while your roommates prefer peace and quiet. It is best that you and your roommate come to a consensus on this issue if you want to avoid unpleasant fights with your roommates during your Study Abroad period.


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