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Top 5 Universities to Study Comedian Course!

 Study Comedian Course

Exploring Career as a Stand-up Comedian

Stand-up comedy is fast becoming one of the most popular genres of performance arts nowadays. With pay as you use content providers and television networks all hosting more than one stand-up comedian in their roster of artists. Stand-up comedy is a unique type of performance that has the artist making funny speeches in front of a live audience with the sole purpose of making them laugh. Stand-up comedians are expected to be well-versed with current affairs and are unique to take on the events that both educate and entertain their audiences. Each stand-up comedian will expose a unique style which can broadly be categorized into one or two of these categories – Improv, slapstick, character, prop and deadpan. The comedy routine can run into several minutes and as such the comedian has to be able to sustain the interest of the audience for such a long period of time.

The Best Universities to study abroad for a career in comedy

Comedy is an art form that comes naturally to many and is not something that can be taught. However if you feel that you have the talent in you and wish to foreign education at the best colleges to fine tune this skill then we have the list of best universities to extract the Comedian in you. These institutes can be an excellent option to pursue a course in comedy while you study abroad.

University of North Carolina

The University has a creative writing program that is designed for writing on screen and stage. Students who study abroad at this University are schooled in the art of writing the funniest TV shows. The University also goes beyond the stage and explores the philosophy and ethics of comedy. Students who pursue their overseas education at the university also get to watch the work of eminent comedians and understand what makes them scholarly as part of their coursework.

Arizona State University

Students who study abroad at Arizona State University can earn money for their comedy routine even before they complete the course. The university hosts a state comedy contest which is a weekly competition for budding comedians on campus. The university provides many opportunities to students to showcase their comedy skills during their course of study.

University of California

Students who plan to overseas education in the comedy genre should take up studies at the University of California. The university has a well-designed course to enable aspiring students to learn the art of making their audience laugh and keeping them enthralled. The University boasts of a distinguished faculty in the field of comedy

New York University

The New York University has a program that teaches advanced Improv comedy to students who seek their overseas education at the university. The university is famous for its emphasis on realism and truthful comedy and highlighting the skills of its students. New York City boasts of a number of open mics which provide the students with opportunities to showcase their skills. Prominent among them being Gotham comedy club, comedy central and last comic standing.

Emerson College

Emerson College offers Arts major in comedy for students who wish to study abroad at the university. The course will cover fundamentals of comedy, comedy writing for late night shows and performing improvised comedy in front of audience. Students who study abroad at the university will get a chance to showcase their comedy skills.

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