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Give it back to the society, through the developments in General engineering and Technology

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Enhance your career with Study abroad programs in General engineering and Technology

General Engineering and Technology involves understanding of the principles of engineering and applying them in combination with technology for industrial purposes. The knowledge of engineering and drafting practices help the implementation of those practices by technicians.  General Engineering and Technology includes the knowledge of manufacturing, processing the applications with understanding of mechanics along with Physics and statistics. An obsession for research and development of applications in view of technicians to make the end task easy, safe and accessible saving time is satisfactory effort for the foreign education students, who have a way to give back to the society they were brought up. Creating Apps for detecting the society, apps for regional operations and marketing teams which help in promoting business is also a part of engineering and technology. Analyzing the industrial needs and architecting the designs to satisfy the need is one of the aspects of engineering combined with technology. Study abroad program in GE & T offers better exposure to practical aspect which dominates the theory and makes the graduate ready to start work soon after the successful completion of their Masters abroad. Especially Universities in Canada are known for value education that employs the 99% of students within 3 months of their course completion. Here we have given a brief account of Universities in Canada and other countries that offer Masters in General engineering and Technology.

TuDelft University, Hague, Netherlands offers foreign education programs for international students

Working in real life cases with international organizations interacting with nature and technology for the sake of society is all about Engineering and Policy Analysis. TuDelft provides a broad spectrum of opportunities to work with modeling tools that prepare the graduates who complete M.Sc. engineering and policy analysis for better job prospects.

Course: M. Sc. Engineering and Policy Analysis

Duration: 2 years, Full time

Scholarships: Tuition free scholarships available.

Intake: March

Course starts: September

Masters abroad in Electrical, Mechatronic and Electro mechanical Engineering at University of Southampton, England

University of Southampton is regarded as second in UK for Electronics and Electrical Engineering by Guardian University guide 2018. The advances of electronics and microelectronics in the past 30 years were led by this university. 97% of research outputs are world leading. It’s more of a challenging as well as rewarding career which drives the graduates for more inventions. The university offers industrial practice making a way for team management skills.

Course: Masters in electrical Engineering, Masters in Mechatronic and Electro mechanical Engineering

Duration: 2 years, full time

Intake: June

Masters abroad in Computer Science and Geographical Science, University of Lethbridge, Canada

University of Lethbridge offers a number of combinations of courses which include computer sciences and Geographical sciences. The university is known for its serene atmosphere and noble teaching facilities along with many other advantages such as providing industrial practice opportunities for graduates. The graduates can avail writing thesis on elective courses which provide a better way for their research.

Course: M.Sc in Computer Science and Geographical Science

Duration: 2 years

Intake: September

Scholarships: Available

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