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Sweden, Favorite Destination for Immigrants

The Best Cities to live in Sweden

Global Tree-The Best Cities to live in Sweden

Sweden is perhaps, one of the most beautiful and prosperous countries in the world today, no wonder that it is the preference for many immigration all over the world and has consistently ranked as a favorite Destination for Immigrants. In an earlier post, we discussed why it is a good reason to Immigrate to Sweden. Now we bring to you the top 4 cities you can live in as an Immigrant in Sweden


Stockholm – Capital city of Sweden

The capital city of Sweden, Stockholm, is a favorite not just in Sweden, but all over the world. The city has its own unique culture and is one of the largest cities in Europe. The city’s picturesque surroundings stem from the fact that it is situated on 14 different islands. Stockholm is one of the most connected cities with an efficient public transport system, which is amongst the best in Europe. Immigrants can find jobs easily at any of the many big multinational companies having a footprint in the city.


Solna –A small town community near Stockholm

Solna, in Sweden, is another city where immigrants can opt to live. The city situated to the north of Stockholm is often counted among the Best Cities in Sweden. It is especially suited for those immigrants who are looking for a quieter pace of life but still want to be in the vicinity of a big city like Stockholm. An attractive feature of the city of Solna for Immigrants who plan on starting a business is the low corporate tax. The closeness to Stockholm as well as the low corporate tax has made the city a strong job market as well. The immigrants living in the city have the advantage of living in a small town culture while being within driving distance of a city like Stockholm. Residents of the city can enjoy walking around any of the many parks and castles which abound in the city.


Gothenburg – The pearl in West Swedish Coast

Gothenburg is a beautiful amalgamation of the modern city, Beautiful Greenery, and Coastline that boasts of Pristine Beaches. The city’s situation ensures that it attracts a large and diverse crowd of immigrants from many different parts of the world. Though the Indian population in this city is low, this situation is slowly changing as more and more Indians are learning about the beauty and accessibility of this city and are choosing to live here. The city has an excellent infrastructure and also has two universities to its name. The city also has a vibrant art and culture scene and is home to one of the largest film festivals in Europe.


Malmo – The hippy version of Stockholm

Malmo is like the younger more hipper version of Stockholm. For people who come here as immigrants, Malmo is the younger and hipper alternative to the capital city of Sweden.  The city is famous for its diversity and is well known for its warm welcoming nature towards Immigrants to Sweden from parts of the world. The city is a hub for startup companies and has a vibrant job scene which is of advantage to new immigrants. The city is also famous for its cultural festivals and outdoor events.


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