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Ten Essential German phrases you should know before immigration to Germany

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If you are considering moving to Germany, then it would be a good idea to look for some good sources to learn German. After all, that’s the language that is predominantly spoken in the country. Most visitors and newcomers to Germany note with relief that almost everyone speaks English in the big cities such as Berlin and Frankfurt. However, if you decide to move around a bit and explore rural Germany, you will find that it would be helpful to learn a few phrases in the local language. We bring to you 10 essential phrases that every new migrant or visitor should know.

1. Darf ich mal vorbei?

This phrase which literally translates as ‘May I pass through’ or ‘may I pass by’ is a useful one when you are jostling through people while waiting for the U-Bahn or on a crowded railway station. Many of those who newly immigrate to Germany, use Entschuldigung, the German word for ‘sorry’ in this context, but if you want to come across as a local then this phrase should do the trick.

2. Einen Augenblick, bitte!

This phrase which means ‘wait a minute’ is a useful one to have in your repertoire as you navigate your way through German markets or any other aspect of daily life. At the ticket lines for a theatre or when you need a moment to take out your wallet to pay for your purchases, this phrase will help you convey the message.

3. Kannst du/Können Sie mir helfen?

This is one phrase that will be very useful after you immigrate to Germany. The phrase which translates as ‘can you (formal/informal) help me’ will stand you in good stead should be lost or should you need any other assistance while you finding your way around your new home in Germany

4. Schön, Sie kennenzulernen.

This phrase which translates to English as ‘pleased to meet you’ or ‘good to see you’ is a nice way of greeting friends and colleagues as you go about your new life after you migrate to Germany. Though it is likely that most of your coworkers will be fluent in English, you can break the ice with them with this phrase from their own language

5. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag.

A useful phrase in German should you be invited to a birthday party or be informed that a colleague or neighbor is celebrating his birthday. This phrase which translates as ‘all that’s good to the birthday’ is the German equivalent of the English phrase ‘a happy birthday to you’

6. Guten Appetit.

This is what you will hear from friends and colleagues before you sit down to eat your meal, the phrase which means ‘to your appetite’ is a way in which German’s raise a toast to their appetites before they commence their meals.

7. Ich stimme dir zu.

This phrase which translates as ‘I agree with you’ is a good party trick to have up your sleeve when you newly migrate to Germany, you may not be fluent in the language but if you are invited to a party you can join any conversation and repeat this phrase while nodding intelligently, and you will be taken for a pro at the language

8. Stimmt so.

Which means ‘keep the change ‘is a good phrase to know in a restaurant or shop, where you can leave your server some extra cash and ask him to keep the change. This can be a good way of ensuring an excellent service every time you return.

9. Guten Morgen/Guten Nuiit

This phrase which translates as ‘good morning’ and ‘good night’ in English are a polite way of starting a conversation depending on the time of a day or greeting your neighbors as you pass them by.

10 Danke Schon

You would definitely not want to come across as ungrateful as you go around receiving help from your friendly neighbors and colleagues while you settle into your new home. A simple ‘Danke Schon’ which literally means ‘thank you’ will help you express gratitude adequately for all the help that you receive.

These phrases may not confer on you superpowers of understanding the German language, but they are the useful wedge into the German way of life. To know more about immigration services to Germany, get in touch with Global Tree the best Germany immigration consultants in India.

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