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The different Immigration pathways to Ireland

Global Tree-Skilled Worker Visa for Ireland


Skilled Worker Visa for Ireland


Over much of the previous decade, The Republic of Ireland has turned into an exceptionally attractive and well-known destination for Immigration. Because of Ireland’s moderately solid economy, and an immigration policy framework that was intended to make it more simple and easy for profoundly talented and Highly Skilled Workers to successfully seek immigration and work in the nation, the Irish visa is one of the most coveted Visas in the world currently.


As an individual member country of the European Union, individuals who are within the European Union do not require any special visa to visit Ireland. However, those who are interested in immigration from countries outside the EU will need to seek a visa before they can visit work or settle in the country. As such persons from India who wish to Settle in Ireland will need to obtain a visa before arriving in Ireland.


Immigration Process to Ireland


Ireland’s Immigration Process isn’t points based such as the Immigration Process of Canada and Australia but is geared more towards allowing Immigration to Skilled Workers who have the aptitudes and skills that are necessary for the growth of the Irish economy. Such skilled workers are granted visas easily and effortlessly. It is important to note at this juncture that the Republic of Ireland is separate from Northern Ireland, which falls under the United Kingdom. To Immigrate to Northern Ireland you would essentially have to fulfill the tenets of Immigration to UK. One of our consultants at Global Tree, who are Skilled in Immigration to UK can assist you on the same.


Different Categories of Immigration Visas to Ireland


The following segment provides a brief description of the different types of Visas that are required for Immigration to Ireland, including the principle work licenses for a living and working in Ireland as well as the Dependent visa, Spouse visa or Family visa.


General Employment Permit: The Irish General Employment Permit is a vocation offer based work allows which enables workers looking for Immigration to work in Ireland in a part that pays in any event €30,000 every year; with a few special cases. Either the specialist or the business can apply for this visa.


Basic Skills Employment Permit: The Irish Critical Skills Employment Permit is an occupation offer based work allow which enables settlers to work in Ireland in a part that pays in any event €60,000 every year; or if nothing else €30,000 every year if the activity is on Ireland’s Highly Skilled Occupations List. Either the specialist or the business can apply for this Visa.


Ireland Start-up Entrepreneur Program Visa: The Ireland Start-up Entrepreneur Visa Program allows specialists with experience in their field along with a creative and marketable strategy, to have a long-term living arrangement and settle permanently in Ireland. A person who wants to immigrate to Ireland under this visa will need to come up with an innovative product or start a business in Ireland and should also have 75,000 Euros in reserve.


 Employment Permit for Dependent or spouse of Irish visa holder: The Ireland Partner or Spouse Employment Permit allows the relatives of workers in certain categories in Ireland to obtain a permit which allows them to Live and Work in Ireland.


To know more about how you can Immigrate and Settle in Ireland get in touch with our Ireland Immigration Advisor at Global Tree, one of the Most Trusted Immigration Consultants in India.



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