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UK Visa: No Job Offer Needed for International Graduates Now

The government of the United Kingdom has made modifications to the visa policy, which would open up a new route for international graduates and other beneficiaries to extend their respective visa status in the United Kingdom if they meet the UK post-study work visa eligibility.

According to the latest changes, students who have graduated from the top global universities will no longer require a valid job offer in hand before they apply for a work visa in the United Kingdom. The new rule has been introduced as a part of the UK government plan to encourage innovation in the country.

UK to allow international graduates to apply for UK visa without job offer!

New Rule Allows International Graduates to Apply for UK Visas Without a Job Offer

The new rule is a part of a plan put in place by the government of the United Kingdom to enhance the competitiveness of the country on the world economic stage, in the light of Brexit, wherein the United Kingdom has moved out of the European Union. And for Indians, these changes are even more advantageous as India and UK dealt to boost UK Work Visa Migrations.

The UK government’s DBEI (Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy) published the new strategy for immigration this week. The proposal would allow companies in the UK to hire highly skilled workers on a fast track basis.

The government has also decided to implement New Immigration Rules for Social Care workers and review existing policies, and programs for UK Post Study work visas, to make it easy for innovative entrepreneurs to start a new business in the United Kingdom. The main objective of the change is to boost investment in the private sector across the country, said the UK secretary of state for business.

How to Extent UK Study Visa?

As per the current rules, if you are a student studying in the UK, you can extend your UK study visa in any of the following ways.

  1. You should have an admission offer on a course by a licensed student sponsor, and that should be demonstrated on your CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies).

a. The course should be at a higher academic level than the one that you had previously completed.
b. The course should be related in some way to the one you had taken up previously and should be in line with your career aspirations.
c. The course you take up should be offered at a Bachelor’s or above degree level.
d. The course should be related to a subject that you have studied after entering the UK on a student or Tier 4 student visa.

2. You should be able to demonstrate with sufficient proof that you possess sufficient funds for supporting yourself and your dependent family in the UK.

With the new changes in place, you will be able to apply for a UK visa without having a valid job offer in hand, even if you have not studied in the United Kingdom. If you wish to study in the UK, this would be the best time to apply as the UK Student Visa approvals are on the rise even during this pandemic.

A point to remember

However, the caveat is, you need to be a graduate from any of the universities that were ranked as one among the top universities in the world as per the world university rankings such as QS world university rankings.

For any assistance to find the best university and the UK Student visa process, you can take the help of our UK Education Consultants.

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