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Top List of New Zealand Scholarships for Indian Students

List Of New Zealand Scholarships

New Zealand has been ranked in 16th position in the latest QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings in the world. With amazing scenic views and appealing nature landscapes, New Zealand has become one of the top choices for international students. Not only nature but also, the top-quality education system made New Zealand one of the best abroad education destinations in the world.

How To Get A Scholarship In New Zealand?

To be eligible for scholarships in New Zealand, students must have

  • Excellent Academic Score
  • Extracurricular and volunteering activities are advantageous
  • Written assignment for research students

Steps To Apply For New Zealand Scholarships For Indian Students Online

Step 1: Check the Eligibility

Each scholarship program differs from another. So check the eligibility for the program at the official website for New Zealand Scholarships. Take the eligibility test and if it confirms the eligibility then proceed with registration. Collect the eligibility code after the test to complete the registration process.

Step 2: Register an account for the New Zealand Scholarship

With a valid email Id and password, register an account on the official website for scholarships. Use the eligibility code here to finish the procedure. Do you know, New Zealand offers Student Work Visa for Partners also? Check it out.

Step 3: Finish the registration and apply within deadlines

A password will be sent through email. Using that, finish the registration process and apply within the deadline.

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List Of New Zealand Scholarships For Indian Students

1. New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarships (NZIDRS)

This is a New Zealand government-funded scholarship program for Indian students who wish to study Ph.D. This scholarship covers the university tuition fee, stipend, and student expenses up to NZ$ 25,000 and a health insurance coverage of up to NZ$ 600 annually.

2. New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarship

This scholarship program is for both master's and Ph.D. in New Zealand for Indian students. New Zealand Scholarship covers tuition fees, travel expenses, health insurance, establishment expenses, and living allowances. Plus, NZ$ 491will be awarded per week for living expenses and NZ$ 3,000 for establishment.

3. New Zealand Excellence Awards (NZEA)

NZEA is a scholarship program for Indian students at universities in New Zealand, allowing them to experience New Zealand's brilliance in a variety of subjects. Education New Zealand (ENZ) and New Zealand universities that cater to Indian students are funding this scholarship.

In PG programs, there are 28 scholarships available, and three in UG programs. This award covers NZ$ 5,000 for postgraduate students and NZ$ 10,000 for undergraduate students.

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4. NZ-GRADS New Zealand Global Research Alliance Doctoral Scholarship

This is the scholarship program for Ph.D. students who are doing their research in Agricultural emission science. This is launched by the Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Green House Gas emissions. This scholarship program covers all the expenses for 3 years. Here is the list of expenses covered under this scholarship.

  • Tuition fees up to NZ$ 10,000/ year
  • An annual stipend of NZ$ 28,000(tax-free)
  • Health insurance up to NZ$ 700/ year
  • Visa applications cost up to $1,000
  • Airfare to return New Zealand up to $6,000
  • Research allowance expenses up to $1,500

5. SEG Scholarship

SEG means Soshi Educational Group, which sponsors the SEG scholarship for undergraduate students who study geophysics and geosciences for one year. This scholarship has three types.

  • Scholarship A: NZ$ 7,000 annually
  • Scholarship B: NZ$ 5,000 annually
  • Scholarship C: NZ$ 3,000 annually

6. Palmerston North City Mayor's Goodwill Ambassador Scholarship

The city council of Palmerston North City sponsors this scholarship to encourage international students to study in New Zealand in Palmerston North. This program allows students from vocational, undergraduate, and post-graduate courses as well.

They provide NZ$1,000 for the first-year tuition fee. Along with the above list, there are many other scholarship programs to aid financially for Indian students. Along with this, some of the New Zealand Scholarships for International students cover 100% tuition fees.

But the government-funded scholarships will have a great deal of competition so it is better to start the process 8-9 months ahead of the intake period. Struck anywhere? No worries get in touch with our experts to guide you to Study in New Zealand for Indian Students.

Frequently Asked Questions

The common notion is that foreign universities are expensive, although with scholarships this is an exaggerated issue. What many fail to consider are time and effort. Studying in an Indian college leads to a lower average salary than earned by our western counterparts. This salary sets the tone for all future promotions since companies often look at your previous salaries during compensation appraisals. Additionally, most senior positions tend to be scooped up by individuals who have an international outlook through global exposure.  Finally, studying in a foreign country is an incredible learning experience helping students get a better academic as well as soft skill development.

Canada has been one of the market leaders in education for decades. However, what currently sets Maple Country apart is immigration. Canada is wholeheartedly inviting students to study in their universities to fill job vacancies that are always growing in the country. Students who study in Canada (especially a Master’s Degree) are practically assured of a Permanent Residency Visa.

A good score doesn’t automatically qualify a candidate for a scholarship, however, it is one of the primary factors that the admissions department looks for in a scholarship application. There are other attributes such as a candidate’s academics, extra-curricular, financial background, and application essays (SOPs).

We get this question a lot. Many candidates know which career path they want to take, but are at a loss for how to take that journey. Understanding the job role and the industry that you want to get into is the first step to picking the right university.

Carefully consider the immigration options of the country that the university that you are considering is in. This is more important when you intend to stay back in the country after the completion of your course.

Also, review the placement history of the university as well.

The first step is to list your preferences. By listing your preferences and strengths, describe your course of preference. Extensive research on the modules, software and its length for your preferred subject is necessary.


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