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Balance for Better – Solo Women Immigrants on the Rise

Women Immigrants

International women’s day 2019 is set to be celebrated on the 8th of this month, with the chosen tag line as Balance for Better. In keeping with this theme, we explore the topic of immigration, which has traditionally been seen as a male bastion for long, from the point of women. The major portion of immigration both statistically and culturally has been the domain of men. If a woman dreams about moving to a new country, the most she can hope for is to join her husband on a spouse visa. This has led to an unequal balance of power, where the women are constantly under the protection and patronage of her husband.

Women Immigrants - International women’s day 2019Immigration as a Means to Balance for Better

Many educated and professionally accomplished women, join their husbands on a spouse visa, only to find out that they are shackled to the home, and end up with depression and a feeling of helplessness. They are not allowed to work on their own and must depend on their husbands for their day to day expenses.

Fortunately, however, this dynamic is seeing a slow but sure change. Many young women from the urban sections of India, are choosing to apply for immigration to countries like Canada, USA and Australia and United Kingdom. The story of successful immigrants like Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo, have been a source of inspiration for many young Indian girls, but their success in a large part, owes a lot to the fact of their deciding to move to a new country and exploring the opportunities that advanced societies offer. Culturally too, our country has become more accepting of women choosing to go abroad, and is no longer viewing single women choosing to settle abroad askance.

Many women nowadays are no longer waiting for marriage or for a husband to take them abroad, but are relying on their own skills and experience to apply for visas. They are doing their own research and are well-informed about the visa process. Many women are also choosing to apply through immigration consultants like Global Tree, who are becoming increasingly aware of the specific needs of their women clients and are tailoring their consultation to their requirements.

The increased immigration of women will not just help the immigrating women, but also help in the empowerment of women across the world, and help shift the global power balance for better.

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