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Prepare for GMAT with Expert Tips - 2024

GMAT prep isn’t an impossible task to achieve. The only thing you need is focus. And it is aided with a plan then it hit the bull’s eye. And you can get both at Global Tree.

Before heading to prepare for GMAT, evaluate your knowledge level and then prioritize your plan accordingly. There are n numbers of resources to prepare for GMAT like books, sample papers, materials, etc. Along with the knowledge, plan your GMAT preparation based on the time you have and the score you need. Choose our best GMAT Coaching professionals to ensure you reach your target score within the desired time limit.

Best Tips to Prepare for GMAT 2024

When to Start

Keeping the intake you plan to apply in mind, plan your GMAT Preparation a year before. A solid six months of preparation for the GMAT can help you in achieving your target score. Don’t wait until the last minute to start your preparation. If you run out of time, take the help of our trainers to reach your targets.

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How to Prepare

Unlike our academics, there is no choice in answering the questions in GMAT. To score 720+, you need to thoroughly all the fundamental topics of the GMAT Syllabus. Make sure to cover all the basics without fail so that, there won’t be any surprises on the exam day.

Sources to Prepare

Endless sources to prepare for GMAT like best books, sample papers with answers, materials with detailed explanations of the topic. Make use of the sources to understand the questioning style, pattern, time limit, order, etc.

There are individual books for each section with the detailed elucidation of the concepts. Plus, sections like verbal reasoning also need to be practiced. So, read the old magazines, or essays which are related to your subject.

How to Practice

Practice is not one specific way to follow for everyone. Everyone has their way of practicing for the GMAT. Some may go with concept-based learning and some may take mock tests. But experts say, practicing more mock tests with a time limit just like the real test, make you familiarize yourself more with the Computer adaptive test.

How to Improve the Score

Taking mock tests can give you a clear picture of where you are to reach your target score, along with your strengths and weakness. Focus more on the topics which you have poor performance. Record your scores and the plan you followed before taking the test. Make sure to change your preparation styles and observe which has the more score. Consider taking coaching from experts in GMAT training for improving the score.

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Time is the Key

You might be pro at all the topics, but time management is an important factor to consider while preparing for the GMAT test. So, make sure to attempt mock tests or answer sample papers with a time limit.

A day before the Test

With all the preliminary prep over the last few months, the day before the actual test, make sure to eat a balanced meal and get plenty of rest. Hustling before the test affects your focus. Keep calm and be positive.

Right Guidance

The right guidance can make it all real. Global Tree has some of the finest faculty for GMAT coaching who have decades of experience in training students for the test. Join our classes for expert tips to crack GMAT easily.

Top FAQs Asked by Students about GMAT Training

  • This section comprises 31 questions with a time restriction of 62 minutes.
  • While practicing, go through data sufficiency and problem-solving problems.
  • In an ideal world, you should complete the questions in 55 minutes and then go over the unresolved questions and revise.
  • Memorizing the mathematical formulas used in these parts will help you proceed faster.
  • Practice both simple and challenging questions to cover the entire GMAT course.

The 5 best books to prepare for GMAT which involves various topics are,

  • GMAT Official Guide
  • The Critical Reasoning Bible (PowerScore)
  • The GMAT Sentence Correction Strategy Guide
  • Total GMAT Math (Jeff Sackmann)
  • GMAT Advanced Quant

There is a plethora of GMAT study material available online, which you may access and begin studying with. Those who do not wish to participate in coaching or tutoring can study at home and prepare for the GMAT test on their own. Make sure to establish a strong strategy to prepare efficiently. Give practice tests once you've finished your preparation. It is always preferable to recognize your flaws and improve on them.

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