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India and UK Sign Deal to Boost Work Visas Migration

India and the United Kingdom have come together to sign an ambitious migration partnership agreement, which allows both countries to benefit from a new scheme that has been designed for young Indian working professionals to live and work in the UK and vice versa. This new program is expected to boost the number of work visas for Indian nationals seeking to work in the United Kingdom by enhancing cooperation for work-based immigration between the two countries.

UK and India sign deal to boost immigrationUK and India Sign Work Visa Agreement

Home Secretary for the United Kingdom, Ms. Priti Patel, and the Minister of External Affairs for India, Mr. Jaishankar have recently signed the ‘Migration and Mobility Partnership’ agreement, which seeks to make the process easier for Indian and UK citizens to obtain visas that would enable them to live and work in each other’s nation respectively, while at the same time improving cooperation between the two countries on fighting fraud in immigration

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The new agreement is also expected to enhance the cooperation between the countries, to protect all Indian citizens who intend to apply for UK visas by obeying the immigration rules of the country. This will be done, by clamping down on the unfair and underhand manipulation of the visa process by those who work around the rules of the visa program and enter or stay in the United Kingdom illegally after the expiry of their visas according to a statement by the British High commission

The Government of the UK has demonstrated its commitment to provide an enhanced immigration process that gives opportunities to the highly skilled workers and students from India to study and work in the UK. According to Home Secretary Priti Patel, this new partnership agreement would be an important milestone towards fulfilling that commitment by the UK government.

The agreement is expected to provide more opportunities to a number of young professionals in the United Kingdom and India who are seeking to experience life and work in each other’s countries while making sure that the applicants who apply by following the rules are protected.

The agreement between the two countries also includes a new Young Professionals scheme which is expected to allow young UK and Indian professionals to work and reside in the other country for a duration of two years. This agreement is expected to permit a huge number of people in the age group of 18-30 to live and work in another country. According to the British High Commission in India, this agreement would help to attract highly talented and skilled professionals from India and other parts of the world, while at the same time making sure that the immigration process is more secure, fair, and transparent. The High Commissioner stated that the previous year has demonstrated, the two countries can come together to solve the challenges that both countries

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The landmark agreement, which is also known as the Migration and Mobility Partnership, will allow Indian students to obtain a UK visa in a more transparent and smoother way. The agreement which included a post-study Graduate stream as well as a Young Professionals stream is expected to increase the number of Indian students in the United Kingdom.

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