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Quebec, which is the largest province in Canada is vibrant and multicultural at its roots, though a majority of the people speak French. In fact French is the official language of the province. It is often called as the Europe of North America on account of its scenic beauty and cultural heritage. Quebec Immigration can take place under any of the following schemes

Immigration for Qualified skilled workers

If you intend to immigrate to Quebec under the Skilled Worker Program you will need to submit a declaration of interest (DOI) for immigration to Quebec, through the Aroma system or declaration of interest system

1.The Aroma system will be accepting applications or qualified skilled workers
2.You can also submit your application under the Quebec experience program. In which case you do not have to submit a DOI
3.Once the application is received, the application will be processed in the following order of priority
  a.Those that are filed under the Quebec Experience Program
  b.Applications which have a valid job offer and have received an invitation from the Minister
4.The following criteria is taken into account for processing your application and that of your spouse
  a.Education and level of training
  b.Professional work experience
  d.English and French language capability
  e.Whether you have visited the province before and duration of stay
  f.Whether you have an immediate relative who is a permanent resident or citizen in Quebec
  g.Whether you have an existing job offer that is validated by the minister of immigration
  h.Your financial status and an undertaking from you agreeing that you will be able to provide for your family for  first three months on arrival
  i.Details of your dependent children who will accompany you

Immigration for self-employed workers

1.According to the new rules for immigration to Quebec a cap has been set on the number of applications for Quebec self-employed workers for the period between 15th Aug 2018 to 31st March 2019 at 50
2.However if you can prove your proficiency in French at an advanced intermediate level you will not be subject to the cap

How to qualify for self-employed workers program

You will need to fulfill the following requirements in order to be eligible under the Quebec Self-Employed program,

1.You must have an intention to create your own employment in the province of Quebec by starting a trade on your own or practicing a profession independently
2.You need to obtain assets worth at least 100,000 CAD legally along with your spouse provided your spouse will accompany you
3.You will need to have a minimum of two years of experience as a self –employed person in the profession that you intend to practice in Quebec

Immigration for Quebec investors

1.The cap for applications for permanent residence to Quebec for the period between 10th Sept 2018 and 5th March 2019 has been set to 1900
2.If you are able prove that you have advanced intermediate knowledge of French then you will be exempt from this cap

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How to qualify for investor program

1.To qualify for the investor program, you will need to show that you have a net worth of at least 2,000,000 CAD
  a.This amount should have been obtained legally
  b.It can be obtained by you alone or with your spouse
  c.The amount should not be received as a donation six months or less before you file your application
2.You will need to have experience at a managerial level in either an industrial, commercial or agricultural enterprise
3.The enterprise should have at least two other employees working on a full time capacity apart from you
4.You intend to invest in a business in Quebec

Quebec Immigration for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs who wish to set up a business in Quebec can immigrate under the entrepreneurs program

1.The cap for applications for entrepreneurs program for the period between Aug 15th 2018 and 31st March 2019 has been set at 60
  a.Of these 25 has been set for applications under stream 1 and 35 under stream 2
2.Those candidates who prove that they have advanced intermediate proficiency of the French language will not be subject to the cap

How to qualify for entrepreneurs program

You will need to meet the following criteria in order to qualify for the entrepreneurs program

For stream 1: you need to settle in Quebec and operate a business. Our Quebec immigration consultants can assist you with the initial process for applying for this stream.

1.You will need to operate a business that has received an offer for service from either a business incubator, or university entrepreneurship program

2.The business may be conducted by you alone or with other foreign nationals, subject to a maximum of three
3.You will need to present your business project in the format of a business plan

For stream 2: you will need to settle in Quebec with an intention to create or takeover a business/

1.You will need to create a startup deposit as well as a security deposit with any financial institution that is based in the province
2.You will need to deposit 200,000 CAD if your place of business is outside the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal (CMM) and 300,000 CAD if your business is within the area
3.You will need to have a minimum net worth of 900,000 CAD along with your spouse
  a.You will need to prove that the amount was obtained legally
4.If you opt for creating your own start up in the province you will need to hold at least twenty five percent of your company’s equity
5.If you opt for the acquiring an existing company, then it is required that you hold a minimum of fifty one percent of the equity of your company
6.The business cannot engage in any of the following
  a.Payday loans
  b.Pledge loans
  c.Cashing cheques
  d.Real estate or insurance related activities
  e.Business concerning sale of an adult or explicit nature
7.The business should have been operational for five years immediately preceding your application. You can seek the counsel of our Quebec immigration services team to further understand these rules and how you can implement them.
8.Evaluation of your application will also be conducted on the following criteria
  b.Level of education
  c.Language skills
  d.Financial status
  e.Immediate family members in Quebec

Q). What is Quebec immigration program?
A). The Quebec immigration program is a unique independent program for migrating to the province of Quebec. It operates independently from the federal programs for immigration to Canada such as Express Entry. You can contact our Quebec immigration consultants for more information regarding the same.
Q). How can I apply for migrating to Quebec?
A). The Quebec immigration program has various schemes which allow applications for immigration to Quebec. You can peruse the above article for more information on the various schemes. Get in touch with our consultants for a free consultation to understand the Quebec process in detail
Q). What is Quebec Skilled Worker Immigration Program?
A). The Quebec Skilled worker immigration is an immigration program which is intended for skilled workers who want to immigrate to Quebec. Contact our Quebec consultants for more information on the same.