Quebec Application Process

Step by Step Guide to Apply for Quebec Immigration

Every year, Quebec welcomes immigrant workers whose skill sets are in demand in the labor market. In contrast to the other Canadian provinces that participate in the Provincial Nominee Program, Quebec does not have its own Provincial Nominee Program. Instead, Quebec has three distinct programs for long-term employees. The three options are the Regular Skilled Worker Program, the Quebec Selection Certificate, and the Self-Employed Worker Program.

Currently, the permanent selection application process is based on expressed interest in living and working in Quebec. Recently, the Quebec government proposed changes to the PEQ program that would have made it more selective. Take the help of our Canadian immigration experts to get the application process right.

Find out the step-by-step process to apply for Quebec Skilled Worker Visa

  • Step 1: Check your Eligibility

    • The minimum required score is 50, and 59 if married.
    • You must be at least 18 years old.
    • You must be fluent in either English or French.
    • Having a job offer increases your chances of getting into Quebec.
    • You must have three years of work experience within the last five years. It should be well documented and accompanied by supporting documentation.
    • You must provide documents proving your educational qualifications, such as transcripts, certificates, and other proofs.
    • Diplomas or diplomas d'├ętudes professionnelles are accepted.
    • You must also provide financial proof that you have sufficient funds to settle in Canada.
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  • Step 2: Documentation

    Documents of the following types must be provided:

    • Identification and proof of civil status
    • Documentation for Work-Related Purposes
    • Documentation of Language Proficiency
    • Proof of Marriage and Children in Travel Documentation (if applicable)
    • Police Certificate of Clearance Certificate of Funding
  • Step 3: Fill out the Application

    • Fill out the application form online without any error.
    • Submit all the required documents
    • Get your documents and application verified by immigration agents.
    • You may also be asked to provide additional documentation if necessary.
    • False or forged documents will result in immediate rejection.
    • For the next five years, you will be barred from applying for permanent residence.
  • Step 4: Final Step

    • A CSQ will be issued by the immigration authorities.
    • You can immigrate to Quebec with the CSQ.
    • The preliminary stage can last up to three months.
    • After that, you can apply to the Federal Government for a Permanent Resident visa.
    • You and your family are granted permanent residency by the federal government.
    • The issuance of a PR visa is contingent on meeting the eligibility criteria established by the Federal Government and the IRCC under immigration laws.
    • The Quebec visa processing time can range between three and nine months.
    • You must follow a point structure, according to the new regulations.
    • The Quebec points system is similar to the Canadian Express Entry System.
    • The points system and the distribution of Quebec immigration points are not the same.

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Top FAQs Asked by Indians Travelling to Quebec

Here is the application fee for the QSWP application.

  • Principal Applicant: $785
  • Spouse: $168
  • Dependent Child(each): $168

Here is the QSWP visa fee

  • Principal Applicant and Spouse: CAD 550
  • Dependent: CAD 150

The Quebec Skilled Worker Program (federal stage only) takes 15 to 17 months to process. The processing time listed above is the estimated time it will take Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to process complete applications already in the system (under normal circumstances).

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