Pearson Test Of English (PTE) Training Classes

The Pearson’s Test of English or PTE for short is a computer-based academic English language test which is taken by non-native English speakers who aspire to study abroad. An increasing number of universities in USA, UK, Canada and other countries are accepting PTE results as a gauge of English proficiency. Dedicated PTE examination preparation is essential for achieving a high score. Global Tree provides PTE training, conducted by an in-house team of experts in state of the art classrooms


Structure Of  PTE Examination:

There will be three main parts of the test.

  • Speaking and Writing comprises one part while Listening and Reading make up another part of the PTE Academic.
  • There will also be twenty different question formats from multiple choices to essay writing and be interpreting information. It is important to attend expert PTE training to increase scores in this test.
  • PTE Academic assesses real-life content and situations using graphs and charts. One should prepare to hear accents in the test ranging from British and American to non-native speakers. One can take PTE Academic as many times as they like and the scores are valid for a period of 2 years.