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6 Best Reasons to Study Abroad in Canada!


Fulfil your Foreign Education Dream with Affordable Choices in Canada!

According to a study conducted by OCED (The Organization for Co-operation and Economic Development) nearly half a million students opt to study abroad for their graduation and post-graduation degrees. A number of factors including better job prospects, better facilities and expert faculty contribute to this decision. The trend for choosing to study abroad is steadily growing among the students from India and other Asian countries. One of the countries which are proving highly popular among students is Canada. The reasons for this can be varied and here we take a look at some of the top reasons Canada is popular as a study abroad destination.

Affordable cost of study for international students in Canada!

One of the biggest hurdles faced by students who go to study abroad is the extremely high tuition fees. These high tuition fees can burn quite a big hole in one’s pocket and though the student receives some financial aid, it is mostly in the form of a loan that has to be paid back eventually. Many universities, especially the best ranked ones charge exorbitant tuition fees per year. Maple leaf country on the other hand has more affordable tuition fees, compared to other English speaking countries such as UK and USA. One can enrol and study abroad in best Canadian Universities at a cost one would not get elsewhere.

One can experience a diverse culture during overseas education in Canada!

Canada’s openness when it comes to immigration policy ensures that people from all cultures come together in its cities. This leads to a strong multicultural environment, where one can meet people from all cultures and learn from them. In today’s age, when the need of the hour is global exposure, the decision to study abroad in Canada can prove to be extremely beneficial as one is bound to meet and interact with people from different cultures and backgrounds. Moreover students find a more tolerant and welcoming community, while them Study Abroad in Canada.

 Many courses to choose from the various top Canadian Universities

Students, who study abroad in Canada, find that the country offers a number of subjects and courses to pursue by selecting a convenient and passionate combination of electives. The country boasts of more than 100 colleges and universities which offer countless majors to students who decide to pursue their higher education in Canada.

Students enjoy a better quality of life through the education in Canada

The overseas education students in the country can enjoy a better quality of life, than in their home countries. Students express that the clean and unpolluted environment of Canada contribute to a positive experience when it comes to study abroad in Canada. Students also find that they can have an enjoyable experience interacting with other students, shopping for groceries as well as moving around in the city.

More Easily Obtainable Work Permits after their foreign education programs

Foreign students in Canada, find that it is much easier to apply for and get a work permit than many other countries in the developed world. A student can live in Canada for 3 years after completing the Study Abroad Program. After gaining required work experience one can also opt to apply for Permanent residence under the Canadian Experience Class.

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