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Affordable Universities to Study in Italy

Universities to Study in Italy

The quest to study abroad is common among students from all parts of the world. There is nary a student who does not wish to experience a foreign country and its culture and acquire a degree from a reputed international institute. However not every student gets to experience the joy of going abroad for a higher education. One of the major impediments for a student on his path to an overseas education is the high costs involved. Not only does the student have to bear the burden of the airfare and the exchange rate, in most countries, non-resident students are charged double the amount charged for local students. As a result, many students lose out on the experience of studying abroad. However, you need not be in that category, especially if you are planning to study in Italy. We have curated a list of the most affordable universities in Italy

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Affordable Universities in Italy

University of Torino

The University of Torino is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Italy.  Situated in Northwest of the beautiful country, the college is ranked among the top 250 universities in the world. Students who study in Italy at this university can choose from among 150 different courses, designed for both graduate and post graduate students. The university campus is huge in size and is known locally as a city within a city. The fees for the university of Torino average around 3500 USD annually.

University of Sienna

The University of Sienna situated in Tuscany is well known for its historic grandeur and cultural insights. The university also has the distinction of being one of the most affordable universities in Italy. But its low cost by no means indicate a compromise on quality. The university is ranked among the top 200 colleges in the world and admits more than 20,000 students from all over the world, each year. The college is renowned for its science faculty and has one of the best research facilities in the world. Tuition for this college is cheaper than most institutes and actual fees will depend on the region you hail from.

 University of Padova

The University of Padova is ranked 140 on the top universities in the world list and is well known for its courses on environmental science. The university offers its students a number of electives which are primarily focused on Earth studies and is a great place to study in if you are interested in hands-on learning. Tuition fees for the university average around 3800 USD for the entire year.

Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

The Free University of Bozen-Bolzano offers a unique opportunity to experience cultural diversity as it is an amalgamation of English, Italian and German cultures. Though much smaller in size than other universities it ranks high for its quality of education and has made it to the top 300 universities in the world. The tuition fee for studying at the university is extremely low and is set at 2000 USD per year.

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