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UK immigration – New rules for care workers from Jan 2021

The United Kingdom government, and immigration authority in the UK, has come up with a summary of rules with regards to recruiting international workers in the social care sector. The department that is concerned with the hiring of international workers, ‘skills for care’ provides a list of general rules that are introduced on the basis of the government’s points based system for UK immigration.

UK immigration – New rules for care workers from Jan 2021Who is eligible under the social care recruitment scheme for UK immigration. The following category of employees, who work in fields related to care giving will be eligible to apply for a visa, under this program.

1. Social workers

Social workers who satisfy the criteria of being on the shortage occupation list are eligible to apply for a UK immigration visa, under the points based program

2. Registered Nurse practitioners  and other Registered Professionals in medical field

Registered nurses, occupational therapists, and other registered practitioners, can apply for UK immigration, as these occupations are listed on the government’s shortage list. As a result, care givers in the United Kingdom, will be able to hire Nurses and people in other related fields from outside the country, with certain conditions. As EU has broken away from UK, all nurses from EU, will no longer be able to have free passage to UK, but will have to go through the same process and fulfil the same conditions  as nurses from other countries.

a). The occupation should be listed under the shortage occupation list

b). The applicant should have a valid and relevant job offer from a licensed practitioner who is willing to                sponsor them

c). The applicant should be able to speak proficiently in English, upto the required standard

3. Settlement Scheme Workers

According to Skills for Care, all workers who are applying under the “Settlement Scheme” of the UK government, will be able to live and work in the United Kingdom provided they have been a resident for the past five years. The applicant will be considered from the ending  of June month in 2021. Persons who have arrived in the country by 31st Dec 2020, will also be considered as eligible for the scheme under the pre-settled status. These people need to then stay in UK, for a period of five years in order to achieve settled status. Family members of these workers are also eligible for working the UK, if the satisfy other criteria, with respect to age, qualification, and proficiency in English.

4. International students

Students  from other countries who are currently studying in the United Kingdom will be allowed to work in their spare time during the semester, as well as during vacation, with the condition that they do not  work for more  than 10 hours in a  week when school is in session. They can however work for the desired duration in vacation time.

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