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New Zealand Business Visa – Requirements, Application Process, Costs & More

New Zealand is ranked #1 on the list of the Best Countries for Business because of its transparent and stable business climate that encourages entrepreneurship. It has the world's largest economy, with a GDP of $15.1 trillion, yet it has limited trade and monetary flexibility.

New Zealand is the easiest country to do business in, according to a 2019 World Bank assessment. The Entrepreneur Work Visa is for people who desire to start a business or buy an existing one in New Zealand.

Types of New Zealand Business Visas

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New Zealand Entrepreneur Work Visa has two parts that make up a three-year work visa for entrepreneurs.

1) Start-up stage: If your application is approved, you will be issued a 12-month work visa that will allow you to purchase or start a business in New Zealand.

2) The final stage of your visa covers the remaining 24 months. You can acquire the balance of your Entrepreneur Work Visa after proving to Immigration New Zealand that you've taken reasonable steps to develop and operate the intended business and that the money needed to do so has been moved to NZ.

New Zealand Entrepreneur Work Visa Requirements:

Here are the criteria that Entrepreneurs must meet to be eligible for a New Zealand Entrepreneur Work Visa.

  • Prove your identity – A Valid passport and 2 passport-size photographs that were taken recently.
  • You must have good health and good character
  • A minimal capital investment of at least NZ $100,000 along with proofs like assets, company details, and more. Along with that, a financial proof that you can support yourself needs to be submitted
  • A minimum of 120 points on the Entrepreneur scale is needed
  • A detailed business plan should be submitted
  • You must be able to prove your English language proficiency.
  • You must start up your business within the first 12 months.
  • You must give a declaration for evaluation which will be a part of the Entrepreneur Work visa process.

Entrepreneur Residence Permit

Holders of an Entrepreneur Work Visa who has successfully established a business in New Zealand can apply for a resident visa under the Entrepreneur Residence category after spending a minimum of 6 months or 2 years in the country.

The Entrepreneur Work Visa and Entrepreneur Residence categories can be used together to achieve residency for individuals with adequate money, business experience, high-level management or business ownership experience, and a desire to minimize their business investment. Firms that can demonstrate significant growth, innovation, and export potential will be prioritized by New Zealand Immigration.

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How to Apply for New Zealand Business Visa?

Follow the below steps to apply for a New Zealand Business Visa.

  • Verify your eligibility for the Entrepreneur work Visa for New Zealand.
  • Make sure you meet all the investment criteria for New Zealand. If you are not ready with $100,000 you can apply for a waiver. NZ immigration authorities can consider eliminating the NZD 100,000 capital investment criterion if your company is in the science or ICT areas and has a high level of innovation or export potential.
  • Arrange all the required documents for the visa application
  • Visit the New Zealand official website to apply for the visa.
  • Download the visa application form for which you want to apply and fill it correctly
  • Submit the visa application through the post to the address given on the site.
  • Pay the visa application fee by debit/credit card.
  • Make an appointment with your nearest consulate for a visa interview.
  • Show up for the visa interview on time and with all of the relevant documents.
  • Wait for your visa application to be approved.

Top FAQs Asked by Indians Applying for New Zealand Business Visa

It would cost you around $ 3,700 for a New Zealand Business visa.

90% of candidates who apply for the New Zealand Entrepreneur work visa have got their visa processed in 29 months.

This visa will be granted for 3 years initially under certain conditions. Our New Zealand visa counselors can guide you through the visa process.

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