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Job Prospects after Study in Singapore

Singapore is one of the economically strongest countries in the world which made it the wealthiest country in Asia and the third richest country in the world. Furthermore, Singapore has established itself as one of the most popular destinations for international students looking for work throughout the years. Singapore became the top expat worker destination in 2018 as a result of foreigners' attraction to the country's strong and stable economy, higher wages, and opportunities to grow their careers.

So, if you are planning to study in Singapore, then without a doubt you choose the right option. Singapore is actively recruiting international talent in many industries. As it is one of the four Tiger economies of Asia, it is the best option for career building for international students.

Internship Opportunities in Singapore for International Students 2024

International students who wish to do internships in Singapore can stay back and apply for a Training Employment visa to do an internship at any recognized organization.

In order to find the internship opportunities, there are plenty of web portals where the internship jobs will be listed and you can apply through those portals.

Jobs on-demand in Singapore 2024

Here is the list of job sectors that are in demand for skilled employees.

  • Certified Accountants
  • Customer Service Professionals
  • Cyber Security Experts
  • Financial Analysts
  • Lawyers
  • Project Managers
  • Technicians
  • Data scientists
  • Product managers
  • User experience designers
  • HR professionals
  • Marketing professionals
  • Engineers
  • Sales Representatives

Part-time Work Options in Singapore:

Unlike many other countries, Singapore does not allow you to work while studying. Universities in Singapore provide internships related to the course you want to study. Students can only apply for these related internships. Furthermore, most colleges have relationships with firms that allow students to work part-time.

If you plan to study in Singapore, check with the university to see if the curriculum includes industry experience, as this will determine whether or not you will be able to work in the country.

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Top FAQs Asked by Students Travelling to Singapore

International students must apply for a work visa to work in Singapore after graduation. Graduates are normally awarded a Short-Term Visit Pass once their student pass has been canceled or expired, allowing them to stay in Singapore for up to 90 days.

Here are some of the highest-paying jobs in Singapore.

  • HR Director - $240k – $310k (SGD) / annum
  • IT Cyber Security Manager/Specialist - $190k – $350k (SGD) / annum
  • Supply Chain & Logistics Specialist/ Head of Global Sourcing - $180k – $400k (SGD) / annum
  • Regional Marketing Manager (Consumer Goods, e-commerce) - $180k – $240k (SGD) / annum

Students who have completed their degree at a recognized and approved Institute of Higher Learning can apply for and receive a one-year non-renewable Long Term Visit Pass to stay in Singapore and hunt for related jobs (IHL).

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