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President Trumps new immigration proposal could benefit Indians on the green card wait list

New Immigration Proposal Could Benefit Indians On The Green Card Wait List

President Donald Trump is famous for his radical ideas on immigration. From building the border wall to ending chain migration his immigration policies have been debating points ever since he announced his candidature for the President of United States of America.

In yet another groundbreaking change to the existing system of immigration to USA, the President has put forward an immigration bill which would among many other things bring an end to the long and agonizing wait for a green card that has to be faced by many Indians. The bill would promote an immigration policy that would lead to a much smoother and faster process for skilled and meritorious workers from countries such as India to legally migrate to USA.

This open call from the president to the lawmakers in the House of Representatives is seen by many as a positive move. The President showed his support for the bill which has been termed as Good latte Bill after Congressman Bob Good latte who introduced it. The support of the American President came in the form of a tweet on the popular social media channel Twitter.

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President Trump Calls For Strong Borders And Merit-Based Immigration

The bill was introduced to the house by Congressman. Good latte, who acts as the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee along with Congressman Jeff Denham, Congressman Carlos Curbelo, and Michael McCaul, The new bill if passed into law will bring forth a new epoch in USA immigration history. The bill is expected to bring in a merit-based green card program with a point based system similar to that seen in Canada and Australia.

The new immigration System as envisioned in the bill would assess each candidate who applies to Migrate to USA on various criteria such as work experience, skill levels, educational qualification and ability to communicate in English among others. Each candidate would be assessed based on the above criteria and awarded points.

Once a certain minimum threshold of points is achieved then he or she automatically becomes qualified for a green card. Moreover, the green card would be prioritized on the basis of points which essentially means that persons getting more number of points to get their green cards ahead of others.

Who Will Be Eligible Under The New USA Immigration Bill?

This law if passed will benefit a number of people including Indian Americans who have been brought into USA as minors by their parents who have themselves immigrated under the various visa programs such as E1, E2, H1B, and L workers. These children can apply for green card if they have lived for a continuous period of 10 years in the USA.

Indian skilled workers who are meritorious and are having the requisite skills in their field also are likely to benefit greatly from this new law as they can get pushed to the front of the line. Many Indians were feeling frustrated that on account of the existing country-specific green card criteria, people from India were having to wait for multiple decades to obtain a green card. One spanner to the bill, however, could be that it stipulates the funding of a border wall between USA and Mexico before new visas could be issued.

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The bill also has run into another hurdle before it can be cleared at the Senate. The bill is not expected to be supported at the Senate as the Republicans who are endorsing the bill have a thin majority. However many people are hoping that the senators can go across party lines to pass a bill which aims at modernizing the immigration system, ending the visa lottery and ending chain immigration. The bill also eliminates the per-country limit on employment-based green card.

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