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Christmas is over, Boxing Day is on!


Boxing Day, the Day after Christmas!

Boxing Day! The day after Christmas, 26th December of every year is generally celebrated as Boxing Day. It is a day where the workers get to give away the gift boxes they get at their work, to be given away for their family members. The different traditions with an inlaid meaning always mesmerize immigrants to know the root of traditions. Boxing Day in many parts of the globe is observed to be a shopping and sporting day. In some parts of Great Britain and Ireland it is observed to stay relaxed and spend time with family members by eating all the leftovers from the Christmas Day. They then open the gift boxes and enjoy the surprises. They try to meet the family members whom they missed to meet on Christmas day. A day after Christmas where the gifts of boxes is given away to less privileged is now being forgotten and the whole theme runs around one’s self care, a prick in heel, something to focus on.

Boxing Day is a national Bank Holiday, the extended holiday to relax at home and be there for the family and not to be worried about anything else but just enjoy with the family members. The immigrants who invite their relatives or family members on tourist visa will get to visit their extended family members living in the same city or town. Since it will be a holiday, they will have some togetherness.The domestic workers get to visit their families with boxes of food and gifts from Christmas day and spend the day off from work and with their families. Primarily it was a tradition started in Great Britain and has been exported to USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the world. There is a growing need regarding the ethical values of Christmas as it is disappearing for now-a-day! The real meaning of Christmas and Boxing Day used to be different for locals and immigrants. It was focused on giving away than receiving. The 26th December mainly focused on giving away the boxes of gifts and presents to the poor rather and a bit of relaxing, spending within the family structure, unlike what is happening now. Boxing Day started off as a meaningful tradition which lost the chore value for now, but immigrants pay lots of attention in knowing the roots.

Activities on Boxing Day – 26th December

Horse racing is predominantly played sport on Boxing Day. Other games include Football and basketball. Some silly activities such as swimming the icy cold English Channel and some fun-runs to raise charity funds with an aim to help and support the poor. The immigrants also enjoy watching horse racing, football, and swimming. A day to relax actually turned around into a day of shopping in the recent years. Shops owners see it to get rid of the stocks in view of getting the new stocks, but the people see it to be a good bargain from their side.

Other activities on a day after Christmas include hunting wild foxes while chasing them with dogs had been a popular activity seen till 2004. Strictly speaking, Boxing Day do not lie in boxing up unwanted gifts or putting up the gift wraps in boxes but to share the kindness with those who are in need. An inner self convinced to agree that it is not always about ‘Me’ but it is to act in kindness towards others. The tourists who travel during the holiday season on a tourist visa get to enjoy all kinds of silly and healthy traditions on 26th December along with immigrants.

St. Stephen’s Day!

Boxing Day in Ireland is observed as St. Stephen’s day. It is named after the famous saint of the Bible who was known for his faith in Jesus and was martyred through stoning him to death. Some argue that the Boxing Day started in the middle ages when the priests collected the money for the poor in boxes long before Christmas and gave them away on 26th December, St. Stephen’s feast day, who was the first Christian martyr.

Food on Boxing Day

The left-overs from Christmas day and baked ham with butter brandy are usually seen to be consumed during lunch on Boxing Day. Mincemeat, smoked salmon, turkey soup, cocktails and salads actually balance the overeating from Christmas to Boxing Day. The immigrants find their way for differing with the dishes, mixing their hometown stuff since, the day off gives them way to cook their favourites.

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