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Canada Immigration System Set to Digitize

Canada is expecting a significant hike in immigration applications once worldwide travel limitations start to ease.

Canada’s exceptional measures during COVID-19 – Canada has put travel limitations to slow the spread of COVID-19, and national government representatives in Canada and abroad are clinging to severe social distancing and remote working measures. Regardless, IRCC keeps on giving a valiant effort to satisfy its order to temporary foreign workers, international students, visitors, permanent residents, citizenship seekers, refugees, asylum claimants, and Canadian citizens. IRCC has acquainted numerous unique measures with help application handling for foreign nationals during this time.

Canada immigration system set to digitize - global treeHow IRCC is hoping to improve application handling

When IRCC’s tasks come back to ordinary, the office expects it will have fundamentally various arrangements, methodology, and digital solutions set up to deal with the post-corona virus spike in applications that it is anticipating. IRCC is looking to be proactive by growing new methodologies, forms, and computerized frameworks to empower it to satisfy its command.

All things considered, IRCC is searching for a merchant to help its modernization endeavors in the following ways:

  • Develop digital tools to quickly expand IRCC’s operational limit so it can deal with current manual application preparing difficulties and the foreseen hike in applications
  • Develop computerized devices to address new social removing prerequisites by decreasing the requirement for in-person gatherings through advanced arrangements (e.g., online citizenship testing, and visa and citizenship applications)
  • Identify digital innovation solutions for IRCC’s case the management system
  • Identify how to automate certain procedures with the goal that immigration officers can concentrate a greater amount of their time on complex immigration applications
  • Incorporate data analytics solutions to give detailed information on operational volumes and processing limits so that IRCC can viably react to changes in Canada and abroad
  • Develop systems to fortify IRCC’s cyber security

Canada stays focused on inviting immigrants, laborers, students, and visitors – Under Canada’s present Immigration Levels Plan 2020-2022, the nation is trying to welcome more than one million immigrants in the coming three years. Corona virus pandemic has slowed immigration to Canada in 2020, yet “immigration minister Mr. Marco Mendicino says Canada stays focused on inviting immigration to support its economy.”

Adding to that, Canada is as yet holding Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) draws right now, and also processing study and work permits, and empowering immediate families to enter the nation.

All things considered, Canada will see a significant spike in permanent and temporary resident arrivals once the global health and financial circumstance improves.

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