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Step by Step Guide to Apply for Canada Immigration

If you are planning to immigrate to Canada, then you should know the application steps to be followed. We provide a detailed list of steps to be taken to apply under each immigration pathway for a Canada PR visa.

General Steps for Canada PR Visa Application

Determine which immigration program for Canada that you can apply for

This can be one of the most important first steps in the immigration process. This can be a challenging step as there are more than 100 substreams of visa programs for immigrants. Each program has its unique criteria for entering as well as a different process for application and a list of required documents. It is therefore very important to take a lot of detailed care when deciding which program you need to apply through

Keep your documents for Canada immigration ready

Immigration documents are all the certificates, application forms as well as various records that will enable you to support your claim to obtaining a Canada PR. A detailed list of documents have been provided here Documents Required For Canada Immigration

Give your biometrics at a center near you

You will need to provide your biometrics which includes your fingerprints and photographs during the application process. If you have provided your biometrics at any time previously, then you will need to check if they remain valid at the time of your application

You will need to pay 85 CAD as biometrics fees at the time of submitting your application. You will receive a letter that confirms your biometrics appointment. The letter will also provide information on where to get your biometrics recorded.

Fill in all the required forms

You will need to fill in all the required forms, which are mandated for your immigration program. You must take care to complete all the forms as accurately as possible because even a tiny error such as a typo can seriously affect your immigration efforts and could potentially result in the rejection of your application. It is therefore important to take the advice of an experienced Canadian immigration consultant, who can guide you through the entire process.

Submit your application to the correct department

In this step, you will need to determine the method in which to submit your application, as it will differ depending on the immigration program that you are applying for

Wait to know your results

Once you have completed all the above steps, then the last step would be to wait patiently and optimistically for the results of your application.

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Steps for Canada PR - Express Entry Application

Get your CRS Score

You will be assigned a CRS score once you have completed your application. If your CRS score is equal to or more than 67 points.

Wait for the Express Entry Draw

The IRCC conducts Express Entry draws regularly. If your CRS score is equal to or higher than the cut-off score for any of the draws, and you meet the eligibility criteria for the draw, then you will be issued an ITA

Receive your Invitation to Apply

If you have satisfied the conditions in the above step, then you will get an Invitation to Apply from the IRCC. Once you receive it, you are required to complete your final application process within 60 days.

Obtain your Medical and police certificate

You will need to obtain a medical clearance as well as a police clearance certificate from the concerned authorities

Submit your final PR Application

Once you have all the documents ready, then you will need to make your final submission. Before submitting your application, you need to make sure that all documents are in perfect order

Get your PR status

Once you submit your application, you can expect it to get processed within six months. If your application has been approved by the immigration authorities, then you will receive a COPR or confirmation of Permanent residence. You will be able to travel to Canada with the COPR and once you arrived at the port of entry, then you can get your PR status stamped on your passport

Application Steps for Express Entry - Canadian Experience Class

Following are the steps required to apply for the Canadian Experience Class

  • Submit your application online
  • Canadian Immigration visa officer will review your application
  • You could be required to appear for a personal interview with an immigration officer
  • You will be required to appear for a medical examination
  • Once you complete all the above steps, you will need to pay the PR visa fee
  • you will receive your PR from the immigration authority

Application Steps for Express Entry - Federal Skilled Trades Program

  • Find your job under the NOC
  • Get your ECA completed
  • Give your language tests and obtain the results
  • Complete your online application and get your CRS score
  • if you qualify, then your application will enter the Express Entry pool
  • If your CRS meets the minimum CRS score in any Express Entry draw then you will receive an ITA

Application Steps for Quebec Skilled Immigration Program

  • Put together your application package

    You will need to put together an application package that included all the forms that you need to fill out along with a checklist

  • Complete all forms print them out and sign them
  • Pay your fees for the application, which include
    • 1)The fees for processing your and your co-applicants application
    • 2)Fee for Permanent residence
    • 3)Fee for biometrics
    • 4)Any third-party fees that are required
  • Submit your application
  • Appear for your biometric exam as per the schedule given
  • You may need to appear for an interview
  • If your application has been approved, then you will get your PR status

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Application Steps for the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

  • Complete all the application forms that are required
  • Procure an offer of employment
  • Make sure that you have met all the required eligibility conditions as outlined above
  • Get an endorsement of your Atlantic province
  • complete and submit the application along with the application fees
  • Your application will be reviewed by an immigration officer
  • If your application is approved then in this step you would finally obtain your Canada PR visa

Based on your visa requirements and personal profile, you should select your immigration pathway and complete the appropriate steps for the respective immigration pathway to submit a successful application for Canada PR.

Top FAQs Asked by Students Travelling to Canada

There is more than one immigration pathway for obtaining a PR visa for Canada, and each will have its own unique set of application steps to be followed. As a very first step, we recommend that you contact our expert Canada immigration advisors at Global Tree, who will assist you in determining the best pathway suited to your profile and guide you through the application process

The time that it will take to receive a PR visa, after submitting your application, will depend on the immigration category that you have applied for, and the current backlog condition of all applicants at the consulate through which you are applying. For more complete and updated information on the same, you can reach out to our Canadian immigration experts at Global Tree

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