Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Canada PNP Immigration – All You Should Know!

What is the Provincial Nominee Program

  • The provincial Nominee Program is an immigration pathway, jointly managed by the federal and provincial governments which is linked to the Express Entry program.
  • It is intended for immigrants who plan to settle in a specific province after obtaining their Canada PR visa.
  • It allows applicants to the Canada Express Entry program to gain additional points on their CRS score if they are accepted into the province of their choice.
  • The PNP program has played an important role in meeting Canada’s immigration targets and has been one of the most popular immigration programs.

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Salient features of the Provincial Nominee Program

  • All provinces and territories that are participating in the PNP program will have their own specific requirements and target groups from immigrants. You will need to determine if you fit the profile of the target group if you want to apply for Provincial nomination from the province
  • The provinces are mainly looking for those immigrants who can fill the labor gap in their local provinces. If your skill set matches those of the skills required in the province, then you are more likely to be accepted
  • The PNP program is also a points based program like the Express Entry program
  • If you obtain the required number of points and are found to be eligible, then you will receive an Invitation to Apply from the provincial government
  • The points for PNP are calculated mainly on the same parameters as the Express Entry. The parameters are intended to judge your adaptability and eligibility to live in the province if accepted
  • Once you have applied and have obtained a provincial nomination then you will get an additional 600 bonus points for your Express Entry profile, which will greatly improve your chances for being selected in any subsequent Express Entry draw
  • On obtaining Canada PR visa, through the Provincial Nomination program and Express Entry, you will need to stay in the province for the stipulated duration of time as specified by the province, which is typically two years
  • Once the specified duration is over, you will be able to move to any other province if you choose
  • Some provinces may require you to have a job offer on hand to be eligible for provincial nomination

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Top FAQs Asked by Professionals Migrating through PNP, Canada.

The Canada PNP program is intended for candidates who are sure of the province in which they wish to settle. Once you are sure of the province where you want to settle you can apply for PNP program for that province. Moreover successfully getting nomination can add 600 points to your Express Entry CRS score. For more information refer to article above or get in touch with our consultants

The time taken for Canada PNP process will depend on your individual profile and the province you are applying to. Some provinces have longer wait times than others. For a detailed look at your prospects as well as timelines for immigration, get in touch with our expert consultants

Each province has its own set of charges and fees as well as other incidental costs may be involved for health and character checks. To get a better idea of how much the process of application for PNP will costs, reach out to us for a free one time consultation

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