New Brunswick (NB PNP)

Complete Guide for New Brunswick PNP Program

What is the New Brunswick PNP

  • The New Brunswick PNP is a provincial nomination programs that are run by the New Brunswick government in collaboration with the federal government
  • The provincial nomination program is intended to nominate international aspirants to the Canada PR, who can contribute to the economy of the province and have an intention to settle in the province

Categories of New Brunswick PNP

NB PNP -Skilled Worker Category

  • This category is intended for you if you have received an eligible and valid job offer in a skilled occupation and have had many years of experience in your area of occupation.
  • The Skilled Worker Stream for New Brunswick PNP, has been designed to welcome international workers who have the requisite skills, education, training and work experience that can help them contribute to the province’s economy

NB -PNP Express Entry Category

  • This category is intended for you if you are already a part of the Express Entry program and are currently residing in the province.
  • The stream is intended to enable the province to utilize the federal selection system to meet the specific needs of the province

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NB -PNP - Business Immigration Category

  • You can apply under the Business Immigration Category if you intend to take ownership of and manage a business in the province
  • You will need to make an investment in the province and satisfy the eligibility requirements to be able to apply under this stream.

NB -PNP Strategic Initiative Category

  • The strategic initiative category is intended for French speaking international workers who have the necessary education, skills and work experience to make a positive contribution to the New Brunswick economy
  • You should also be able to show that you have a genuine intent to stay in the province

Eligibility Requirements of New Brunswick PNP

Eligibility Criteria for NB PNP - Skilled Worker category

  • Your employer should be able to demonstrate that they have made the necessary efforts to fill the position with a PR visa holder or Canadian permanent resident or citizen.
  • You should be between 22- to 55 years old
  • Your salary should be on par with the regional wage standard of the province
  • Your job position and title should meet the province’s employment standard
  • You should be able to effectively demonstrate your genuine intent to settle in the New Brunswick Province if provided a Canada PR visa.
  • You should show that you have sufficient proficiency in English and/or French with proof of CLB or equivalent test scores

Eligibility Criteria for NB -PNP Express Entry Category

  • You should have created an active Express Entry profile;
  • You will need to have a Job Seeker Validation Code or show proof that you have enrolled in in a PGWP
  • You should currently be residing in the New Brunswick province;
  • You should score at least CLB 7 in English and/or French.

Eligibility Criteria for NB PNP-Business Immigration Category

You will need to apply for a Business Visitor visa if you plan to arrive in Canada and stay on a temporary basis.

  • You should be able to demonstrate with sufficient proof that you have a qualifying connection to the province
  • You should have obtained your degree from a college or university after completing three years of full-time study for a degree and two years of full-time study for a diploma.
  • You should be able to show proof of a personal net worth of a minimum of 600,000 CAD. with at least 50 percent of it being in liquid form and readily encashable
  • Your age should be 22-55 years
  • You should have valid test scores in English and/or French, which is equal to Canadian Language Benchmark Level 5 (CLB 5).

Eligibility Criteria for NB PNP-Strategic Immigration Category

  • You should have a genuine intent to stay in New Brunswick
  • You should have a qualifying connection to the province
  • You should have a minimum qualification of secondary (high school) diploma from a Canadian educational institution or its foreign equivalent
  • You should have the required settlement funds to be able to live in the province
  • You should be between 19 to 55 years old
  • You should have scored at least CLB 5 in English and or French

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Application Process for NBPNP

  • STEP 1: Ensure and confirm that you are meeting all the eligibility criteria for the stream that you plan to apply
  • STEP 2: Once you have confirmed that you are eligible for NBPNP, then you should submit your application for Expression of Interest to the provincial government through its e-filing portal
  • STEP 3: Once your application is processed and you receive an ITA from the province, you go ahead and make an application for nomination from the province
  • STEP 4: If you obtain the nomination from the provincial Government you can apply for permanent residency through IRCC.

Top FAQs Asked by Professionals Migrating through NB PNP, Canada.

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