Newfoundland (NPNP PNP)

Complete Guide for Newfoundland PNP (NPNP) Program

What is Newfoundland PNP?

  • The Newfoundland PNP is a successful Provincial Nomination Program that has been started to enable the government of Newfoundland to nominate international workers, to settle in the province, based on various criteria
  • In order to apply for the Newfoundland PNP, you will need to demonstrate both ability as well as willingness to settle in the Newfoundland province after you receive provincial nomination and Canada PR

Categories for Newfoundland PNP

The following streams are available for you if you are interested in applying for Newfoundland Provincial Nomination Program

Newfoundland PNP –Skilled Worker Category

  • You can apply through this stream if you are a skilled worker and are currently in the Express Entry pool
  • You will also need to have a valid job offer from an employer who is situated in the province apart from other eligibility criteria as given in the eligibility criteria section

Newfoundland PNP - International Entrepreneur Category

  • The International Entrepreneur category for NPNP, is intended for you if you have the required experience in owning as well as managing a business in the Newfoundland province
  • If you plan to apply under this category, then you will need to make a commitment to actively participate in the day-to-day operation of the business.

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Eligibility Criteria for Newfoundland PNP

Eligibility Requirements for - Newfoundland PNP Skilled Worker Stream

  • You should have obtained either a full-time job offer or a full time job for a minimum period of two years and has the ability to be extended
  • You will need to have the required skills and education needed for performing your job and salary should be on par with the industry
  • You have to be between 21 years and 50 years old
  • You should already have an application in the Express Entry pool
  • You should be able to show proof of funds to maintain yourself and your family members
  • You may be required to meet the minimum language requirements in English and/or French

Eligibility Requirements for Newfoundland PNP - International Entrepreneur Category

  • You will need a valid business plan, which is supported with relevant financial documentation.
  • You should have a minimum qualification of a high school diploma from an educational institute in Canada or an equivalent degree from other country
  • You should be able to demonstrate a genuine intent to live in the province permanently and manage a business.
  • You will need to have a minimum net worth of 600,000 CAD which is available for investment out of which 200,000 CAD should be used to establish your business
  • Your intended business should have the ability to create one full time employment position at a minimum for local residents in the province.
  • You should have clocked at least 2 years of full time experience in actively managing a business.
  • You should have scored at least 5 on the CLB in English and/or French

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Application Process for NPNP

  • Check out all the eligibility requirements and confirm that you meet the eligibility conditions
  • Select the category best suited to you, and submit your Expression of Interest with Newfoundland province
  • Once you receive an ITA from your province

Top FAQs Asked by Professionals Migrating through NPNP, Canada.

It will generally take around 6 to 8 months to process your application for the PNP program. However the time taken will depend on the category you are applying for and your personal profile.

No, you will need a valid job offer to apply for Newfoundland PNP. However you can apply to many other Provincial Nominee Programs. Our Canada immigration advisors have many years of experience to guide you through the PNP process.

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