Canada Documents Checklist

List of Documents Required for Canada Immigration

If you are planning to apply for Canada immigration, then you would need to keep certain documents ready for your application to be processed smoothly. Given below, is a general list of documents that you would require, irrespective of which immigration pathway you choose

General Documents Checklist for Canada Immigration

  • Language test results either French or English test scores
  • A valid passport or travel document
    • a.Your passport should be valid during the entire duration of your application process for Canada PR.
  • Police certification
    • a.You will need to furnish a certificate from the police that provides proof that you were not involved in any criminal activity at any time in the past before your application.
  • Medical examination
    • a.This is intended to provide proof that you do not harbor any disease or physical condition that would be a drain on Canada‚Äôs health care resources or pose a threat to other people in the country. You will also need to have a negative COVID-19 report before you can travel to the country.
  • Documents to show Proof that you have sufficient funds
    • a.You will need to show that you have sufficient funds to settle and live in Canada.You must show that you have enough funds to support yourself and all the members of your family
  • Documents to prove that your qualifications are equal to Canadian standards
    • a.You will need to get your academic transcripts assessed and verified through an ECA or Educational Credential Assessment

If you have any family members who intend to accompany you, you will need to provide additional documents for them

  • Marriage certificate or certificate of relationship
  • Birth certificate or adoption papers in case of any dependent children
  • Proof of any family members who are already living in Canada

Documents Checklist for the Express Entry - Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)

The FSW program is mainly intended for skilled professionals and workers who are planning to immigrate to Canada.

  • All the applications forms that are required for the immigration and PR visa process are completed and signed without any errors
  • Documents showing proof of your work experience
  • Results of your language test for English and/or French
  • An educational certificate Credential certificate
  • Two Self-attested mailing labels
  • A copy of the pages of your passport that contain your personal information and date of validity
  • If you have stated in your application that you have an employment offer on hand, then you need to include the following document
    • a.Offer letter from your employee
    • b.Photocopy of your work permit

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Documents Checklist for Express Entry- Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

  • Proof of Identity
  • Proof of relationship with dependents
  • Passports and other documents required for travel
  • Documents that prove your skills training and other qualifications
  • Proof of your Work Experience
  • Results of your English and/or French language tests
  • Declarations for family members who are not planning to accompany you
  • Certificates of police and medical clearance
  • Receipts of payment of fees
  • Passport size photographs

Documents Checklist for Express Entry - Federal Skilled Trades Program

  • All the application forms completed and signed
  • Processing fees as required
  • Documents showing proof of your identity
  • A valid passport and other required travel documents
  • proof of having sufficient work experience
  • Proof of completing skills training
  • Test results of your language tests
  • Proof of employment offer
  • Police clearance and medical clearance
  • Proof of having sufficient funds for settlement

Documents Checklist for the Quebec Skilled Workers Program

  • Documents that prove your identities such as passport, Birth certificate, PAN card, and others
  • Documents proving proof of relationship with your co-applicants such as marriage certificate and birth certificate
  • Documents proving language proficiency
  • Documents showing employment proof such as offer letters and experience letters
  • Resigning letters from previous employers
  • Payslips of your salary for the previous six months
  • Documents showing proof of funds
  • Documents showing proof of your eligibility to travel
  • Medical clearance certificate and police clearance certificate

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Once you have determined the pathway, for the Canada PR application, you can use this handy guide to decide which documents you will need and keep them in order, by checking against the checklist.

Top FAQs Asked by Students Travelling to Canada

Permanent residents must pay the Right of Permanent Residence Fee once their applications are granted (RPRF). The RPRF must be paid before permanent residency status can be granted.

Canadian embassies process PR cards for new permanent residents in 45 days or fewer after RPRF.

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