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Explore Your Study Abroad Career with Actuarial Sciences

Top universities for pursuing a career in actuarial sciences

Actuaries are an integral part of any industry and play a vital role in commercial enterprises. The primary job of an actuary is to determine the potential risk of a targeted investment and analyze the extent of reward that can be accrued with that investment and the risk thereof. Actuaries are typically expected to know the risk profile of their clients in case of life insurance and can also work in other areas of insurance such as flood insurance, corporate insurance and home-owners insurance.

Actuarial science is an extremely lucrative and satisfying career path in which the actuaries are expected to put their knowledge of advanced Mathematical and Statistical tools to good use. Their work is of crucial importance to Governments as well as private companies and their clients.  As a result actuaries are much in demand in the current job market and demand for them is expected to increase by double digit percentages in the next few years. The profession also promises good earning potential with actuaries earning a median salary of around 1, 00,000 USD per annum.

We take a look at the top actuarial science programs in the USA currently as a part of Overseas Education.

Purdue University offers study abroad program in Actuarial Science

Purdue University offers a joint interdisciplinary program in actuarial science that is administered by the Department of Statistics and Department of Mathematics. Students who study abroad at Purdue can pursue a joint major in Actuarial Science, which is nationally reputed for its research, resources and low cost of the program. The major allows students who study overseas to prepare comprehensively for the first five examinations that are set by the Society of Actuaries as well as the Casualty Actuarial Society. Students who plan overseas education in this university are offered the course at the undergraduate level only.

Milwaukee School of Engineering offers Masters in Actuarial Science for those interested for education in USA

Students who study abroad at the Milwaukee School of Engineering in actuarial science can rest assured that they are pursuing their major in one of the most reputed educational institutions in USA for actuarial science as well as statistics, computer science and mathematics. The institute trains students who start their education in its premises, skills applying to a wide range of actuarial tools such as risk management and prevention, data analysis, probability, forecasting, human behavior and business management. Students who study at MSOE and graduate from this program find employment in mid to senior positions in both private and public institutions. The study abroad program provides the students with in-depth knowledge in computer applications, computer programming, statistical analysis, business principles, database management and professional ethics.

Carnegie Mellon University for pursuing foreign education

Students, who study abroad at the Carnegie Mellon University get the opportunity to study at one of the most reputed departments for mathematics in the country. The students who are pursuing a career in actuarial Science at CMU get comprehensive training in a wide variety of skills that includes data analysis, data modelling and prediction as well as other applications that are related to the science of actuaries in financial domain during their overseas education program.

Ohio State University excelling in providing foreign education programs

Students, who study abroad at the Ohio State University, get an opportunity to be trained in the field of actuarial science. Students can start off with an actuarial science per-major to effectively demonstrate their competence in the subjects of statistics and mathematics before they can go to pursue a major in actuarial science. The program for actuarial science at Ohio State University helps the students who study abroad at the university to successfully pass their major exams set by the Society of Actuaries and Casualty Actuarial Society. The program’s rigorous standards ensure that students who successfully complete it are able to find employment immediately upon graduation. The university also boasts of an Actuarial Science Club for students who study abroad, can join along with the other students of the university.

Temple University

Students who study at Temple University at the undergraduate level can pursue a B.B.A in actuarial science. The course trains them in skills pertaining to probability, calculus, statistics and actuarial modeling. The program not unlike many other programs in actuarial sciences, prepares the students who study abroad in the course to sail through the major examinations set by the Casualty Actuarial Society as well as the Society of Actuaries.

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