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Study In France

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The French education system is fast emerging as one of the most efficient and effective education systems in the world. Students who Study in France can get to complete their degree programs from some of the most picturesque and historically significant centers of learning. Most of the universities in France boast of an eclectic mix of modern infrastructure, set amidst quaint rural settings.

International students who attend universities in France can benefit from the direct exposure to the beautiful French culture in their day to day student life, while enjoying the cosmopolitan environment that brings students and faculty from different backgrounds together. Studying in France can be a new and exhilarating experience that provides one with a sense of endless fun and adventure.

France is growing to be a popular overseas education for Indians with more than four thousand Indian students opting to study in France in the previous academic year.

Features of French Education System

1. France has more than 82 state universities, five Catholic universities and a number of private institutes. Of these, the , Grande Ecoles are considered to be the best places to complete a degree program and are considered to be on par with the US Ivy League universities
2. Students who study in France can work towards three types of degrees a License (undergraduate degree), a Masters degree and a PhD degree.
3. A student has to complete 12 years in an Ecole or school in France or should have an equivalent amount of schooling in the student’s country
4. The academic year in France is from September to June, though some universities and institutes can have a rolling admission

Best Universities in France

Some of the best universities in France are

1. Ecole Normale Superieure
2. Ecole Polytechnique
3. HEC
5. Pierre-and-Marie-Curie
6. Université Paris-Sorbonne University

Most of the top ranked universities for students who want to study in France are located in large and popular cities like Paris, Nice, Lyon and Grenobleand Orleans.

Popular courses for Study in France

Popular courses for study in France among students from India are

1. Space and Aviation.
2. Engineering,
3. Business Studies,
4. Art
5. History
6. Tourism and Hotel Management

Benefits of Studying in France

The following are the benefits that one can enjoy when he chooses to study in France
1. France is a cosmopolitan Society
In France you can expect to encounter people from all major nationalities and backgrounds which will help you learn from different cultures
2. Academic Excellence
France is known for its reputation to be the best for courses such as aviation, tourism, engineering and businesses. The universities in France are well known for their focus on academics
3. Cost of Living
The cost of living for students who study in France is very affordable as it is highly subsidized by the government of France and even international students benefit from these subsidies.
4. Job opportunities after graduation
Students who study in France can find good opportunities for jobs after they complete their graduation as France has a burgeoning economy with growth and job opportunities in various industries.

Cost of studying in the France

The costs incurred to study in France are on par with the cost of studying in many other developed countries.
1. The average tuition fees for undergraduate programs are around 190 EUR for each year
2. The average fees for engineering degrees are around 620 EUR per year
3. Tuition fees for studying medicine can be around 450 EUR per year.
4. Tuition fees on an average for a post graduate degree are approximately 360 EUR each year
5. The average fees for a PHD are 396 EUR for each academic year

Affordable Universities in France

Following are the most affordable universities where students can study in France

University Lille Sciences et Technologies – average tuition fees 261 EUR/year

1. Université de Lyon – average tuition fees 500 EUR/year
2. Université du Maine – average tuition fees 500 EUR/year
3. Grenoble INP Institute of Engineering Univ. Grenoble Alpes – average tuition of 261 EUR/year
4. University of Burgundy – average tuition fees 500 EUR/year

How to apply for Studying in France

Students who are not from the European Union region will need to apply for a visa to study in France. You will need to apply for a VLS _TS visa if you are from India and wish to pursue your higher education in France.  Get in touch with our expert consultants at Global Tree to know more about applying for a visa to study in France. Our France education consultants are equipped with many years of experience in understanding the details of the France university system

Q). How can I apply for France student visa?
A). France does not have a separate student visa. You will need to apply for a long term visa or the VLS -TS visa under the student category for being able to study in France. For more details you can contact our branches which are spread across India.

Q). How much does it cost to study in France?
A). The cost for students to study in France can vary based on the course and the university where you plan to study. Look above for a general cost idea for different levels of education. To get a more customized and detailed break up of costs reach out to our branches across India for a free consultation