Australia Immigration

Australia is an island, a country and a continent located in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. And is known for its wildlife and beauty. Australia attracts thousands of people intent on immigration to Australia. it has tremendous job opportunities for skilled migrants. Immigration to Australia can be through various avenues. A candidate intent on immigration to Australia can opt to apply for an Australia work visa initially, before applying for a permanent residency. Migrants holding permanent resident visas do not become citizens of the Commonwealth of Australia.



Basic Features About Australia Immigration

Persons desiring immigration to Australia may do so through any of the Australia work visa programs or may directly apply for permanent residency. A holder of a permanent resident visa may remain in Australia indefinitely, while holders of an Australia work visa can stay for the duration of the visa. A 5-year initial visa, which corresponds to the underlying migration scheme, is granted alongside permanent residency. Even after the initial visa expires, the Permanent Resident is entitled to stay in Australia indefinitely without breaching immigration regulations. However, if the holder wishes to continue to travel to and from Australia as a permanent resident, they must obtain a Resident Return Visa.


There are many benefits of obtaining an Australia work visa or a  Permanent Resident Visa such as Access certain social security payments, subsidized healthcare through Medicare and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS), and you can even sponsor people for permanent residence.